Mums in Business Round-up: Branding

Branding is far more than just a logo and yet we put a lot of emphasis on getting that logo just right.
Branding encompasses every aspect of your customer’s experience of your business. Each and every interaction and point of contact contributes to the reputation you have. Every facet of your business needs to reflect the style, ethos and message you want your customers to associate with you and your product : Branding and not a red hot poker in sight

Brand YOU first : Eleanor Goold says it best when she states, I see so many people STUCK when starting out because their website isn’t quite as they would like it, and they end up wasting valuable time worrying about their visual appeal rather than spending that time productively growing their business by actually doing the business : Does my brand look big in this?  This is so true and I think now in the world of social media brands we identify with are more likely to be individual people than global corporations.  

Be consistent :  Suzanne from Mums Business Club writes about a trip to Bannatyne Spa and how B is for branding and B is also for Bannatyne; she mentions how everything from our robes, towels and slippers had the logo on (available to purchase, of course) as did the crockery and there are a wide range of products available to buy, including fitness wear. That ‘B’ was everywhere but I didn’t feel B’eed off (excuse the pun) by the end of it.   I’ve talked about this before on my blog especially surrounding craft businesses as not everyone even remembers to label or brand their products. It doesn’t have to be super fancy a sticker will do as long as the person receiving the product knows where it came from : Nurturing a Follow On Sales Relationship  

Streamline Your Brand : Ensure all your social media names are the same. All your colour choices are the same, ask your designer what each colour code is so you can easily tailor anything to match perfectly rather than nearly.  Amanda, has some great tips on How To Find Or Choose Your Brand Colours With Web Developer For Chrome. Use the same photo or logo in all your avatars this way you become instantly recognisable. 

Personal Visual Merchandising : As I mentioned before I think personal branding is on the up and one thing you might need to consider is your personal visual merchandising especially if you sell your products at events. Think uniform! Branded t-shirt, Name badge, Branded money belt (there are lots of tutorials for making one). An apron, (especially if working with food or handmade cosmetics), gloves. Branded bags to put sales in. Clean nails and tidy hair. Stand out from other exhibitors, reinforce your brand, in ways that make the business instantly recognisable. People buy from people so your appearance, personality and passion for your products/business, are even more on show at fêtes, fairs, etc. 

If you have any top tips regarding branding do share them in the comments below.  Next month’s theme is using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website/blog. Please do tweet your blog links to @CharlieMoos.

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