Mums in Business: Starting a business on a budget

This month I thought I’d take a look at starting a business on a budget. You might be thinking about starting a business but unsure of the costs or how to get the ball rolling. The following tips have been curated from a wealth of small business knowledge and will help you get your idea off the ground running. 

  1. Do something that you love :  Angie from The Small Business Kit suggest the best way to make money is to find something you enjoy doing like turning your hobby into something profitable. This is one of the reasons why craft businesses are booming.   
  2. Invest time not money : I love this tip from Work For Mums spend some time building a few free marketing tools – like creating a dedicated blog or setting up your social media channels Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.  Instead prove how good you are by writing and sharing great quality content to show potential customers that you are an expert in your field.
  3. Reinvest any money back into growing the business : You can read how I started Charlie Moo’s on £56.65 over on Baby Budgeting by reinvesting back into the business, stock, website and design. 
  4. Sell yourself : This is where many bloggers become full time money earners. Money Nuggets is so right that a cheap way to start a business with no money is by selling your skills. If you have a skill that is in demand, whether that be writing blog posts, helping with social media or even cleaning someones home (I could do with one of these!) you can justifiably charge for your services. Perfect way to start a business with zero cash. 
  5. Marketing : Savvy Business Mums has this great post with ten ways to market your business for free, which will give your start up a much needed boost. I love the idea of linking up to other business that compliment yours. 

If you have any great tips for starting a business on a budget then please do leave a comment below. Time Management is our theme for March if you have a relevant post tweet me your links @CharlieMoos

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About Joanne Dewberry

Joanne is a 30 something coffee lover living in rural Dorset with her long suffering partner and three children Charlie (2007), Megan (2008) and Olive (2011). Joanne is owner, designer and creator at Charlie Moo’s specialising in handmade fabric party bags. She also writes a small business blog, is a Sage Business Expert and author of Crafting a Successful Small Business. In 2010 Joanne was named Dorset Business Mother of the Year and has numerous accolades and awards to her name. In her spare time she likes to eat and watch crime dramas sometimes at the same time!


  1. 17 February 2016 / 09:33

    Brilliant post as always thank you Joanne. I’m so glad Brit Mums have started this round-up, it’s great to read for tips and also to find fellow mums in business!

    • 17 February 2016 / 16:28

      I’m glad too Vicky! It’s a great way to keep a resource of ‘business mums’ content all in one place!

    • 17 February 2016 / 18:34

      Thank you! I’m enjoying finding great content out there and shining light on small business bloggers that you might have missed. Next month’s theme is Time Management make sure you send me your posts!

  2. 21 February 2016 / 23:29

    Great post Joanne! I’m going to really enjoy reading about mum’s in business. As you said to leave links in the comments about starting a business on a budget – I’ve just written about launching my first non fiction book, the process of trying to figure out how to do it without spending a fortune (i.e getting my head around the tech myself as I didn’t have the funds to outsource) and my plans for setting up a new digital business. I’m really looking forward to incorporating more business posts in my blog from now on too as I launch the business.

    I’m looking forward to next month’s round up. I can always do with more time management tips!

  3. 22 February 2016 / 13:58

    Great post! I’ve been trying to write my second book for 4 years now so I read it with much interest! I look forward to seeing how your book progresses!