4 women try Skin Republic’s best selling face mask

Skin Republic Gold Hydrogel Face Mask, £6.99 at Superdrug and www.superdrug.com

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Sheet masks have proliferating the aisle of chemists and beauty stores in an effort to make us more beautiful. Skin Republic has launched a range of super hydrating hydrogel sheet masks to cater to this market. Scientifically formulated and dermatologist tested, these moisture-boosting masks combine the latest advances in skincare with natural plant extracts to leave skin feeling nourished and youthful with no mess – simply moisturise in excess product to absorb every last drop of goodness. (The BritMums reviewers were provided the product free to test and review. All opinions are the reviewers’ own.)

Here’s what 4 BritMums writers thought about the GOLD sheet mask and whether it lives up to the hype.

Nadine Hill, BritMums Editor

I love skincare products and since turning 40 (I’m 44!) I have boosted the care I give to my skin. I have always had a good skincare regime (plenty of moisturiser, taking make-up off at night etc) but the last four years have also seen me doing regular face masks and extra nourishing treatments, as I am keen to preserve what I have. I’m not worried about looking older, it is more about keeping my skin in good condition, so it feels nice, so moisture boosting products are the ones I like. It’s early Spring in the UK and the air is dry and cold – to protect my skin against this I tried out the Gold Hydrogel Face Mask. I found it trickier than I expected to apply – I had to enlist my teenage daughter’s help – but once in place I relaxed in front of the telly for 40 minutes while it went to work. Afterwards my skin felt soft and smooth – I wouldn’t say this was all down to the mask, but keeping up a regular skincare routine is important to get those benefits. It did give me a glowing complexion when I looked in the mirror and I was very happy with it. Overall apart from the initial stumble when I applied the mask, it was very easy to use and certainly to take off. You simply remove the sheet mask and discard the pieces and massage the excess serum into your face and neck (and arms, décolletage etc!) until it is absorbed. This makes it less messy than the traditional kind of face mask where you apply the cream mask and have to wash it off at the sink afterwards. A sheet mask is a nice, lazy way to achieve the same results!

Kate Kirk, Mums & Tots Round-up Editor

Kate in Skin Republic face mask

Kate in Skin Republic face mask

The facemask comes in two pieces which meant it covered the contours of my face better than a one piece sheet masks, but I found it difficult to get in place, mainly because the mask wasn’t lined up properly with the cover sheet. Once on I had to lie down and relax or it started to slide off (that’s probably a good thing). It doesn’t go far which made it comfortable to wear and it was easy to remove because you just peel it off and rub in the remaining serum. No need to cleanse.
I didn’t notice any visible difference in my skin, but the mask left my face feeling firmer, plumper and fresh. My skin still feels much softer nearly a week later.

Jen Howze, Creative Director

When I looked into the mirror after applying the Gold Hydrogel mask I was certainly transformed: with the yellow sheet mask on I suddenly looked like a cross between Star Wars’ C3P0 and Dr Who’s Cybermen. Of course, I was only that way for 25 minutes, as I let the mask do its work — it’s infused with gold and is said to instantly hydrate skin with an age-defying mineral complex. After peeling it off, I left the excess serum on to work its magic overnight. I have very sensitive skin that can often react with new potions, creams and serum, but I woke the next morning with skin that felt soft and smooth without being sticky. I also liked the convenience of the mask — it stayed on while I did end of day tasks, meaning it would be easy to fit into my daily schedule. And who knows, I might just use it for my next Halloween costume too.

Maria Tumolo, Expat Round-up Editor

Maria in Skin Republic face mask

Maria in Skin Republic face mask

Now that I’m going through perimenouspe, my skin has suddenly become quite dry. It’s a challenge to find products that are hydrating but will not make me look sweaty OR irritate my sensitive skin. Overnight masks are helpful but there are times when I have a special engagement during the day and I want skin to looks its best. I’ve found that Skin Republic’s Hydrogel Mask (gold) to be just the ticket!
I applied one morning left it on for the recommended 40 minutes. It fitted my face well and although the mask saturated with serum it stayed on my face and didn’t slide. While the mask was on, I felt a mild tingle which never settled but I was not alarmed. Once it was removed my skin was not irritated; it simply looked refreshed, hydrated and supple.
24 hours later, my face still looked hydrated with a healthy glow. The results pleased me tremendously.

The Skin Republic hydrogel range includes the following:

Skin Republic face masks
Green Tea – known for its powerful antioxidant properties; green tea helps to prevent signs of premature ageing caused by pollutants and external aggressors. Delivering instant hydration, the moisture-enhancing mask nourishes and protects while soothing and minimising redness with Chamomile Flower.
Retinol – supports natural collagen to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while radiance-enhancing Peony inspires a youthful glow.
Collagen – helping to restore moisture, elasticity and a youthful glow, the sheet mask combines a cocktail of nutrient-packed Sea Minerals with Argan Oil and Collagen to nourish and hydrate while visibly minimising signs of ageing.
Seaweed – mineral-rich, it harnesses the anti-ageing benefits of Seaweed, a component that works to restore lost elasticity and suppleness for a healthy, younger-looking visage.
Gold – delivering nutrients and intense moisture with close and continuous contact, the 20 minute treatment reveals healthier-looking, radiant skin with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles minimised.
The Skin Republic Hydrogel Face Sheet Masks are available from £6.99 at www.lookfantastic.com and select UK Superdrug stores.

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