Positively Inspirational Round-up: New beginnings

inspiration round upI absolutely love spring, I think it is my favourite time of the year. We have just gone through the winter months of frost, gloomy dark nights and wearing far too many layers when all of a sudden things look so much brighter. Spring is of course the time of new beginnings, it is often when people start new diets, when many animals have their babes and when New Year’s resolutions are reborn.

For this month’s Positively Inspirational round-up I thought I would cash in on the Spring new beginnings theme and share with you some posts I’ve been enjoying over the last month or so. It seems I’m not the only one looking forward to spring though as I detect a little excitement in Claire’s Savouring the Season posts over on Clarina’s Contemplations.

I’ll start you off with this grounded post from our own BritMums Editor Nadine of JuggleMum. She talks about being positive and intentional and makes all the things we need to do and change sound so simple, she just advises we start with gratitude and belief. I know I have fallen away from some of my regular gratitude practises so this is a kick up the bum for me!

I found this next post from Lauren at The Real Housewife of Suffolk very encouraging. She has titled it ‘Not knowing what’s next’ and I love her candour in talking about life after a relationship break-up and the uncertainties of how your future might look. It is great to get to the end though and for Lauren to acknowledge that ‘It’s OK not knowing what is next’. We wish you all the best Lauren.

Ahh you can’t read this next post and not have your heart melt just a little. What a gorgeous dedication this post is from Bex at the Mummy Adventure to her son Finn for his first birthday. I pray you all have a special party together and decades of happiness in the future.

I enjoyed a little stroll down memory lane as I read this next post from Vikki at Love from Mummy about choosing the primary school for her son Riley to start at in September. It really is a minefield when you are choosing the right school and especially if you know your child will need additional support, all the best Vikki.

I was interested to read this post from James Prescott over on Apples of Gold. He shares his grief from when he lost his mother but goes on to share with us how much his mum taught him and what opportunities of growth and friendship opened up because of circumstances around her death. You may not instantly think of joy when you think of bereavement but James shows us another perspective.

Cass at Diary of a Frugal Family has chosen happy as her word for 2016 and she is keen to remember all the small things as well as the life changing. It was really good to read her post titled ‘Small things that make me smile’. I think perhaps we all need to sit down once in a while and really connect with what makes us happy

Lastly I’ll leave you will a little foodie inspiration. I have to be honest and say that I’m really not that fussed with cooking but Helen at The Crazy kitchen always makes it look so simple and her recipes are very easy and practical for regular mum’s like me. I was excited to learn about her new venture into making gourmet marshmallows. Doesn’t a little mallow mail delivery sound good? I am coveting the Cadbury cream egg ones over on Cookies and Fluff at the moment.

I wish you a wonderful spring, I hope it is filled with exciting new beginnings for you. I’ve had one myself with the launch of a new blog called Progress not Perfection, it wasn’t born out of the best circumstances but I really enjoying having two places to be able to share my stories. Emma will be back with more positive and inspirational picks at the beginning of April and you’ll see me again once the sun is fully shining in May. Be blessed, Mich x

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