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Making your home more book friendly for your child

Making your home more book friendly for your child

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*Items were gifted for the purpose of this review – all opinions are the reviewer’s own*

As Books Editor for BritMums it probably goes as no surprise that we have a lot of books in our house. I’ve never counted them, but the amount of books my children have is well over the triple figures. A Kindle has made book storage for me so much easier, but I do like children to have proper, tactile, printed books. Which does mean their rooms are filled with them. 

My oldest son at 7, is an advanced reader for his age and always has his head in a book. He read 11 books in half term and I don’t know what we do without the library. He also likes to read religiously every night before bed, with regular negotiations about how long that reading time should be! But I don’t mind this at all, I take a lot of pleasure in watching him do something that I enjoy so much too. 

We moved house 18 months ago and his bedroom was one of the first we redecorated, but recently I wanted to make it a bit more book friendly as his passion has grown. So it was great timing that Room to Grow and BritMums sent us some items to try out. 

Clip on Bendy Bunk Light

child's reading light
I think the bendy bunk light might be my favourite item that we have been sent. Both of my oldest two children sleep in cabin beds as I think high sleepers and bunk beds are a great space and storage solution for children’s bedrooms. Side note you can buy high sleepers, mid sleepers and children’s bunk beds from Room to Grow too. 

Which means there isn’t really a place to put a reading lamp, at least, not in a safe way. So the bunk light is the perfect solution. It does exactly what it says on the tin, clips onto the side of the bed and is bendy so it can be positioned to shine wherever you are in the bed. It can be powered via USB, but it also comes with a plug adaptor. So something to be aware of is that it does have a wire that you need to position in a safe place and plug in coming down from the bed. But it’s a great little reading light and it means my son can read at bedtime and not have to have the main light on. 

Mighty Bean Bag

Room to Grow Bean Bag

The Mighty Bean Bag is much bigger than I expected it was going to be from looking at the website.  However, I am notorious for not checking dimensions properly or for not reading instructions. It’s a giant, almost upright bean bag that comes with a carry handle. It also comes in a really handy fabric bag if you want to store it away when it’s not in use. It’s very comfortable – as comfortable as an arm chair and great for creating a reading book for children, I think it would work well in the garden during the summer too. Logan loves it and uses it for both reading and practising his guitar on. It’s made a little reading space in his room for him that’s not his bed and I can see him sunbathing on it with a book when the weather gets warmer. 

Book Box with Play Clock 

book caddy
I thought that the Book Box would be perfect for my younger two children and I was right. They are 4 years old and 9 months, and while Aria is learning to read at school, they both very much at the stage where they love to cuddle up and read with me, rather than on their own like Logan does. Although at bedtime Logan will always join us for a bedtime story. 

The book box is a great little book shelf that is safe and accessible for younger children and can also be moved around the house. I love the addition on the little clock to help children to learn to tell the time. My aim for the book box though is to fill it with seasonal books, you know the ones that get pushed to the back of the shelf until you need them again. At Christmas I will fill it with books about Christmas, Easter, spring, summer, winter – well, you get the idea. Theming it around things that are current and going on in their lives. Books are such a fantastic way to get children to understand and learn about different things and of course change, so I like the idea of having books on hand at different times of the year for them that are relevant to what is going on. 

So there you are, three great items for utilising books and reading space around your home. 

Do your children love to read? Share their favourite book in the comments!

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