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Erica DouglasProfessional blogger and eBook expert, Erica Douglas shares some valuable tips for turning your knowledge into a profitable eBook. 

Got a successful blog but wondering what to do next?  Creating and selling your own eBook is the perfect next step.

You’ve already honed your voice and built your audience so creating something to sell is the way that many talented bloggers progress from blogger to author, speaker or even business owner.  Read on for nine ways to make money from your eBook

  1. Sell the book direct from your own website.
  2. Add your book to Amazon Kindle. You can’t afford to miss out on the biggest eBook-buying audience.
  3. Add your book to the sites that are already selling millions of eBooks. We share them with you in the course.
  4. Develop consultancy or individual coaching services to solve the same issues you address in your eBook.
  5. Offer group training, workshops or group coaching. With your profile as an author, it’s much easier to sell places at your own events.
  6. Contact people who have bought your book direct from your site and offer them other products and services: if they love what you have written they will be keen to buy again.
  7. Create an affiliate scheme so other people can sell your books for you. With an eBook there is no post or packing so you can give them a great incentive AND still make good profits.
  8. Get in touch with conference organisers offering to speak, and include a copy of your book. I’ve made over £1000 by speaking at a single event AND got extra consultancy work afterwards from attendees.
  9. Turn your book into an online course. Some people much prefer eLessons to reading a book, and you can add value with a member site too. If you ask for a small monthly subscription fee for your course you can create a regular stream of income.

eBook logoIf you’re interested in creating and selling eBooks then check out our new course From Knowledge to Profit, which includes professional proofing, editing and even a cover design!

The course is due to start in a few days so be quick if you want to be a part of it.



Erica Douglas — Little Mummy

Erica Dougls is author of the Mum Blogger Course and A Guide to Successful Blogging and is Winner of The Best Startup 2010 at the Business Mum Awards.

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  1. 30 January 2012 / 17:13

    Great tips. November was supposed to be my month, that went by, so its def going to be 2012. The conference one is a goody.