How to make your blog’s images look good

fairy blog mother cropWe all know that imagery has far more impact on your readers than words.

Even if what you write is the most wonderful stuff imaginable, it can only be enhanced if your blog’s images look good.

And since some people have mentioned that pictures can say a 1000 words, how they are presented and appear on your blog is important.

So I’m going to give you a few quick pointers in how you can improve your pictures in your blog.

Are your blog’s images web-ready?

Do your images take ages to upload on your blog? Do you find that your pictures are huge and take up a lot of your blog’s server space?

This is probably because they are not web-ready. And not being web-ready won’t help your blog’s images look good.

A lot of bloggers don’t understand about web-ready images because they have been spoilt. Facebook and other social media platforms that accept and display pictures automatically make any image web-ready for your update. They have sophisticated applications whirring away behind the scenes that take your picture and make it work properly.

Therefore bloggers naturally assume that any image they use will be suitable. Unfortunately this may not be the case for your blog.

You really ought to make your pictures web-ready before your insert them into your blog posts. I use Photoshop, but if you don’t have this on your computer, there are other programmes or websites such as Paint, Canva, Photobucket, PicMonkey and many more can fix your images for you. 

(Other experts, let us know in the comments below the ones that you recommend!)

You need to be aware that make your blog’s images look good, they need to be the correct resolution for use on the web. This is from 72 to 96dpi. Now dpi means dots per inch, which determines how many pixels go across the image. Computer screens don’t need a lot of pixels to make your blog’s images look good.

I have written a post about this that tells you what you need to do.

What to do with lots of images in your blog post

One of my delegates in a blogging e-course I delivered recently had trouble with her images. 

She had taken lots of lovely pictures to specifically go with her latest blog post, and wanted to present them in away so that they didn’t become distorted or misaligned.

Now there are two ways of making your blog’s images look good in your blog post: align side by side or within a gallery.

I prefer to align my pictures myself, so I have more control of them and how the are placed within or amongst my words. We all know about the alignment facilities in the edit menu of the image. You click on the image to bring up the editing icons:

Showing the alignment editing icons on an image
And you can adjust the image in situ within your post. Click on the pencil icon to bring up the Image Details menu:

Showing alignment in Image Details menu

And you can make the adjustments via the Display Settings. 

But when you’re placing more than one image side by side, the best alignment is ‘None’. You can check this at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar after you’ve uploaded your image into your Media Library:

Showing alignment to None

And there are also other techniques in how to rearrange size and position to make your blog’s images look good and fit adequately your blog’s space. You can decide whether you want your images to look like this:

Or more uniform like this:

Read this post to find out more about what I did here.

Set up a simple gallery to make your blog’s images look good

Now there are lots of plugins available for galleries, and the best is probably NextGEN Gallery by Photocrati, but it is quite complicated to set up.

There is an easier way, even if you have a blog that can’t accept plugins. And if you want to achieve the same with a blog, use the JetPack plugin.

Check out the gallery option available via the Add Media button. A gallery will take your pictures and present them uniformly – all the same size in a row. Sometimes the result is distorted and automatic cropping may take away details from the edges of your images, but you can click on the image within the gallery to see the picture in its original size and dimensions.

There is even fun presentations, like the Tiled Mosiac option:

Tiled Mosiac option in JepPack gallery can make your blog's images look good

Which I absolutely love!

If you want to know more, this post explains it all.

As you can see, there are lots of different methods of making your blog’s images look good. Have fun exploring and experimenting!

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