Looking for peace in blogging at #BML16

Kate Davis

Kate Davis

Our Environment Round-up Editor Kate Davis is finding that her blogging is evolving over the years. Here she shares her story and why there is one session at #BML16 that she just can’t miss!

This will be my third BritMums event. At my first one I focused on attending sessions where I could learn lots of new things (and here’s what I learnt about bloggers while I was there) while during my second BritMums I focused on sessions where I would learn things I could apply to my blog straight away. This year is different.

My blog writing has taken a hit over the last few months, and it has been a struggle to publish just two or three posts a month. Plus I know the ones I’ve published have not been my best posts so I’ve felt like a bad blogger rushing posts just so I had something to publish. I started questioning why was I continuing to blog if it felt like a struggle and made me feel guilty and worried that I wasn’t keeping up with expectations (or if I’m being honest keeping up with other bloggers).  But I don’t want to stop blogging because I love blogging and I’ve recently realised it is an achievement to continue writing posts so it doesn’t matter how frequently I publish them. This lightbulb moment has lead me to become comfortable with my blogging.

Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged people who kept on working.

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What this means for me at BML16  is the one session I’m certainly attending is Finding the peace and power in blogging with Cherry Menlove. The session is based on Cherry’s latest book The Little Book of Peace – 101 inspiring ways to add Peace to your work, life, home & dreams and the aim is for bloggers to leave the session with a clear plan of how to “jet-pack their blog with a clearly defined sense of consciousness and peace”.  And I’d love to upgrade my new found comfortable blogging to peaceful blogging.

Catch up with Kate at her website Dark Tea. To reserve your place at this year’s BritMums Live, grab one of the last few tickets available!


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About Kate Davis

Kate’s first environmental action was picking cans out of the bins at school for recycling, leading to a green Blue Peter badge, and developing in to a career as an environmental consultant. At home she spends her time trying to convince her two children to turn off lights and tap and her husband to consider eco features as they turn an old care home into their family home. Kate is originally from Yorkshire, but now lives in Oxfordshire. She blogs at darktea www.darktea.co.uk/blog and is on Twitter @katedavis.