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It’s March, and there is lots to smile about:

1: The clocks go forward and the lighter evenings begin.

(Yes, I am ignoring the fact that the kids will be bouncing off the walls at bedtime and resisting all changes to their body clock).

2: It’s perfectly acceptable to consume your own body weight in chocolate because it’s Easter.

3: These hilarious posts from brilliant bloggers…


Wine Wine You Divine Swine by Complicated Gorgeousness

I spent years building up my tolerance to alcohol and partaking in ‘experiments’ to find out the acceptable level I could drink.  Then I took a leave of 12 months abstinence to grow a human being and feed that human being, and all that hard work was undone.  And now?  I don’t have the time to build up my tolerance again.  Especially when the hangovers hurt so much more when a small person is peeling back your eyelid a 6am demanding Peppa Pig.  Alison’s post about her relationship with wine really made me giggle…

Glass three: the ‘I’m going to talk the loudest’ one

This is the point of no return. The sip starts to resemble a swig, then a gulp. I start drinking wine like pop, but that’s okay because there is a WHOLE bar stocked full. Everyone is so fascinating and the talk topics are so interesting that I need to interject something every three seconds.

Slogans For World War Terrible-Twos by R is For Hoppit

Lucy’s brilliantly clever post took famous quotes from World War Two propaganda and applied them to the world of toddlerhood.   My particular favourite…

Keep calm and carry on

Keep calm and carry raisins.

If Kids Did Lent by Wry Mummy

My eldest decided to give up ice-cream for lent.  He lasted a whole 24 hours.  I fear he has inherited his mothers willpower.  Although to be fair, the kid didn’t stand a chance with a freezer full of temptaion at Nanas house.  Jess takes a look at the things we would really appreciate kids giving up for lent.  And the all the days after that…

Mishearing mummy. When she says, ‘It’s time for school”, she’s clearly saying, “It’s time to take your trousers off, turn the TV back on, and get all the Lego out.” 

A Mans Guide to Baby Growth During Pregnancy by You The Daddy

Remember all those fruit analogies about the size of your baby in the womb?  You The Daddy has come up with his own guide for those of us that don’t know a kiwi from a kumquat.  

Now, I’m all for healthy eating (although my wife might disagree) but show me a man who knows the relative size and dimensions of a dragon fruit versus a winter squash and I’ll show you a pink unicorn that poops gold.

How Not To get Fit by My Kid Doesn’t poop Rainbows

Learning from your mistakes is all well and good.  But if you can learn from someone else’s it could save you a whole load of pain and embarrassment.  If you are thinking about embarking on a new fitness regime, My Kid Doesn’t Poop Rainbow has some very valid lessons in what not to do…

Do not realize last minute that your only footwear options are flip flops or Converse and wonder if either will suffice

Things They Don’t Tell You – The Laundry by The Adultier Adult

I found it the other day.  The bottom of the laundry basket.  I have been searching for it for about 6 years now.  Although when I did find it, it vanished again so quickly, that I cannot be sure if it was just a figment of my imagination.  Tori’s advice on how to do the laundry really made me smile…

8) Don’t bother with a wardrobe. The dryer is a perfectly acceptable place to keep your clean clothes. Wardrobes are so “middle class”.

Things That Don't Exist

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I hope you enjoyed these posts.  I’ll be back next month with some more giggles.

If you have written a funny post, tweet me the link @lifeloveanddd, or head over to my #FridayFrolics linky.

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