LOL round-up: Getting naked, Easter, and snow

LOL roundupThe end of March and it’s been a busy and potentially hilarious month what with Red Nose Day, the snow,  Mother’s Day, and  Easter. Yes, Easter in March. It’s so early I wonder if some people did start the week having no idea how it would end and having to rush out at the last minute and bulk buy Hot Cross Buns and Easter eggs . Ok  just me then.

Let’s start with Luisa at the madness of Coco and labelle who has written a charming and funny post about the confusions between the religious and commercial strains of Easter with a little bit of Santa thrown in. Lovely  – and a great explanation for anyone who finds themselves having a similar conversation with a young child. Gold star to Luisa:  you know how I love a seasonal theme!

Honest mum  also gets a gold star for mentioning both Easter and  the snow – despite her post really being about PMT . Oh and check out the would-be Lichtenstein illustration- all very of the moment with the exhibition currently on at the Tate. So that’s three boxes ticked.

Kate at Naked Mum gave Red Nose Day her all to raise money for Comic relief. Combine the idea of naked mum and red noses and what do you get? No really. Check this post out. The girl deserves a sky full of gold stars !

And then it was Mother’s Day. An event I’m still trying to perfect in our family. The going to church in the morning has become a heartwarming and expedient tradition as being given a bunch of daffodils gets round the possibility that my husband will  not bother and justify such negligence by saying either  a) Mother’s Day is not something we really celebrate in our family or b) the children are old enough to organise their own presents and cards ( they are 6 and 9 and don’t get pocket money ). After church inviting my own mother out to lunch also works well. The handmade card industry is actually now taking off, which again prevents my OH saying either a or b as above. But I have not managed to bring in the tradition  of tea on a tray with perhaps a rose lying next to the white bone china cup and  saucer (is this an advert that’s entered my subconscious or just a wild expectation?) OK,  again they are too young to pour boiling water or carry a tea tray with hot water or bone china upon it.  So this I can wait for. But it’s the concept that this is the day when we put mummy’s feelings first that I’m really struggling with here at home. And that it is in fact Mother’s day. Not Husband’s day  – and not Children’s day as it is the other 364 days a year.

Being the month of Mother’s Day I wanted to include this post from a mother to be Stephanie, who writes on The Confinement Chronicles about her mother and her constant warnings about the perils that face us all at every given moment. This reminds me of my own mother so also struck a chord.

And this from Wally mummy is not to be read while eating toast as you might choke on the crumbs. Her advice on how to prevent your partner coming after you for sex shortly after you’ve given birth is something I will never forget (though I’m hoping not to be in that position again- the one of having another baby)

Another event of the month – not perhaps  celebrated by whole populations across the world – but certainly  celebrated by fellow Britmums – was the wedding of Marianne Whooley, who edits this page. So it seems appropriate (and a good way of getting promoted – to CEO of humour perhaps)  to include a post from her – and doubly so as it is all about her changing her name. I’ve never changed my name (other than to Not a Notting Hill Mum) and admittedly never thought about how her former name might be pronounced. One of the joys of online friendship perhaps. But if pushed I’m afraid I would have been in the not very well informed camp and pronounced it Woolly as in woolly jumper. Sorry Marianne. But you’ll all enjoy this and if it’s not too late may decide to keep your dad’s name after all.

Ok this one is not seasonal as such. Well not at all. But it is funny: the main theme of this roundup after all. So if you are tempted to take part in any gameshow or in fact do anything to try to impress your children. You know without reading this post from Northern Mum it will never work out. But this demonstrates exactly why.

This from Jess at Catch a single thought, again could happen to anyone, any time. And is a classic in the funny things kids say category, which I for one always love.

And I’m ending with this from Jodie at a Quirky Kook because not so many people seem to blog about teenagers. But it will be with the rest of us with young children or babes in arms all too soon. And as Jodie says we should all be very afraid. Don’t have nightmares.

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