LOL Round-up: We’re all going on a summer holiday

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We are on the home stretch of the school year.  I’m looking to the 6 weeks holiday with equal measures of excitement and dread.  The sun keeps teasing us with appearances, and my thoughts keep turning to sun, sea and sangria.

This months LOL round-up is bringing you the funny posts about going on holiday with small people, and how it’s less sun, sea and sangria, and more clouds, carbs and catastrophes.

First of all you have to get there.  And by whatever means you are travelling it’s not simple when there are small people involved.

If you are travelling by air, Louise from Pink Pear Bear has some fantastic tips to help you survive the flight in her post, My Top Tips For Flying Solo With Children

1. Don’t.😂

2. Visit the doctors in plenty of time to procure some Valium for your fear of flying, only a white lie, it is genuinely a fear, just a fear of flying with children.


Often the dream holiday you envisaged doesn’t quite go as planned, as Sarah from Run Jump Scrap explains in her post, This is What a Holiday With 2 Kids is Like

8pm – Kid’s entertainment. Look at my watch desperately to wait until 8.45pm comes and the torture is over. Wonder if the entertainers love it?


Holiday accommodation is not always what you expect, even caravans.  Cathryn from Cardiff Mummy Says gives us her 32 Thoughts About a UK Caravan Holiday With Children

12. Dilemma over windows. If we leave them closed, will they overheat and die? If we leave them open, will someone reach in and steal them?


And then there are the catastrophes.  Like breaking down en-route with 4 kids and most of your worldly possessions loaded in the car.  Laura from Five Little Doves tells us all about her disaster in, We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday

I have never known time to go so slowly, more so when we were under attack by every kind of creepy crawly you can imagine! I spent the entire time flicking off wasps, bees, spiders, random things with far too many legs to count and jumping every time I heard a buzz or a whistle. When a strange bruise like bite appeared on my arm I sat there, clutching Eva with one hand, googling “death by black widow spiders” with the other and wondering at what point would we look back on this and laugh?!


If you are in any doubt what kind of holiday to book, you should take Sinead from Shinners & the Brood’s holiday quiz to help make up your mind…


a) Sailing in the morning, a scuba diving lesson from a dishy local on the offshore reef in the afternoon, followed by a relaxing dip in the infinity pool before dinner.
b) Reapplying sunscreen to little limbs and waiting for the kids’ club activities to start so you can attempt to finish the book you started in January.
c) Fishing in the local stream, exploring the wildflower meadow and visiting the market garden.
And to finish of the LOL holiday round-up, here’s one of my posts about the dreaded packing

Pie-Chart-LOL Round-up

See you next month for another LOL Round-up.  If you are in need of more funnies before then, head over to Life, love and Dirty Dishes for the Friday Frolics linky.
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