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My wardrobe is confused.  Quite frankly so am I.  I’m no longer sure what to wear on any given day.  The last month we have had school closed due to snow, a camping trip cancelled due to heavy rain, and a mini heatwave that cause boob sweat and an ice lolly shortage.  Not to mention the epic thunder and lightening storm.

If anyone needs any convincing of global warming please can they refer to April 2018.

So if this month has seen you routing around for sledges and sun cream and having to shave your legs in a blind panic, enjoy these posts all about the glorious British weather.



Love it or hate it, there’s no escaping it when it starts to fall.  I always think snow is one of those things that will inevitably end in tears.  Normally because the toddler is too cold, or the snowman melted.


Snow Joke: Seven reasons to love a snow day by Whinge Whinge Wine

1. The garden looks amazing,

Despite suffering from five years of neglect, when it is covered by a layer of new, white snow no one can tell the lawn hasn’t been mowed since some time last autumn and that there are broken plastic toys strewn everywhere waiting for us to summon the energy for a trip to the dump.


Snow Day: A Mothers failings by Brummy Mummy of 2

10:13am: How. F*cking. Hard. Is. It. To. Build. A. Snowman??? Anna was frickin mental for trying to force Elsa into such a foolish endeavour. She was right to ignore her pleas. Also one child is weeping as there is “snow in my weeeeeellllllyyyy” (to be said in the worlds wingiest voice). The other fell over the second they came out and is now defrosting in front of YouTube. Hastily Instagram cute family footprints for Facebook cover picture. No-one needs to know we were all out together for approximately 13 minutes.



Rain is every mothers arch enemy, because the only thing predictable about rain is it’s timings; picnics, school runs and when you’re having a good hair day, rain will always show up.


A toddlers guide to rainy day activities by R is for Hoppit

7. Ask for biscuits.

8. Undress all your dolls.

9. Ask your dolls why they’ve got their bums out.

10. Laugh.

11. Make Mummy redress all your dolls.

12. Repeat steps 8-11.

13. Ask for biscuits.


Why Does it Always Rain on Me – A Parody by Life, Love and Dirty Dishes

Why does it always rain on me?
Is it because my kids watch too much TV?
Why does it always rain on me?
Even when the sun is shining
At 3 O’clock the rain starts pouring



We moan when it’s cold and we moan when it’s hot.  With any heatwave comes the irritability of the kids and the rapid consumption of ice creams.  Not to mention the constant battle with sun cream that will leave you longing for snow again.


Why Summer can do one by Pass The Wine Please

Things Miss O will happily wear on her head include the colander, the bag her Duplo came in, and her father’s pants. Will she wear a sun hat? Will she f*ck.  I’ve tried strapping it down, stealthily dropping it on top of her head in the hope that she won’t notice, even wearing it myself to show her that all the cool kids have one…no joy.


Sun’s out, Mum’s out by Pink Pear Bear

This means feet on show. Feet that have spent 6 months hiding in socks and boots. There is a chance you have a whizzy foot sander that you saw on a bargain page and only gets an outing roughly once a year, the time you first see the sun. A quick once over with that, a hurried trim of the nails and a coat of whichever polish in the cupboard that hasn’t gone gloopy. This will go on over the historical layers of previous chipped paint jobs until a day when you have a chance to take it all off properly. (Seriously, when did I have metallic green toenails? For a wedding when? That long ago? Oh.) 


Mumzilla’s guide to surviving a heatwave by Mumzilla

2. Replace meals with ice cream. You’ll lose weight through your armpits, it’s fine.



Are you a sun worshipper or a snow lover?


See you next month for another LOL round up.  


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