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Confession:  Teenagers scare me a bit.  Maybe it’s because they make me feel old and out of touch.  

The little one and I are often overtaken by large groups of teenagers walking home from school as we toddle along to collect the big one.  More often than not I find myself wondering how they get away with wearing skirts so short, and talking so loudly!  

Then I have a flash forward to being a mum of two teenage boys and I feel the panic rise inside me.  I am not equipped to deal with teenagers.  I have no experience.  Okay, so my baby experience was limited to a couple of nappy changes and handing the baby back to it’s mother when it started crying, but at least I had SOME experience.  The only experience I have with teenagers, is that I was once one of them.  And that makes me more scared!

So for this months LOL Round-up, I thought I would handover to the mums who are living the teenage parenting experience and are able to laugh about it.  See there is hope!


The Voice of Experience Talks Teenage Girls by Madhouse Mum

This post made me laugh because it brought back so many memories.  Particularly freezing my arse off in the middle of January because coats were for loosers…

They will not take off their school jumper, even in a heatwave.

They will not wear a coat, even in a monsoon. Unless it is a coat they have bought – which won’t keep the rain out anyway.


You Know You’ve Got Teens When… by Just Saying Mum

Just to give you an insight into some of the things you have to look forward too…

…  your house has a faint aroma of fake tan. Everywhere.

… your house has a strong aroma of Victoria Secret spray. Everywhere.

… doors slam a little louder than they used to.

… the only way to get your child’s attention, if they are in the house, is to text them.


Ten Things You Shouldn’t Do When Your kid Leaves For University by After The Playground

I can see me being tempted to do all of these things.  It say’s shouldn’t do, it doesn’t say must never do.  I mean we should only take it as guidance, right?

1.       Extensive research on social media in order to detect serial-killer or sex-fiend tendencies amongst their new flat mates. I know that this sort of character trait is rarely openly revealed on Facebook but Mums have a 6th sense for this sort of thing and can tell a lot from a profile pic and a bio.


Teens vs Toddlers: The Lowdown by Amy Treasure

At last scientific evidence* to prove which species are the hardest to live with, toddlers or teenagers…

  • Teenagers really only like two foods; pot noodles and super noodles. If you ask them to eat anything else you will more than likely face objection and possible threats of them reporting you to Childline for ruining their lives because you tried to get them to eat quinoa.

  • Toddlers will eat just about everything including crayons and cat food apart from the food you actually want them to eat. They will show their appreciation for your hard work in the kitchen by decorating the floor/walls with it.

*Not at all scientific!


Getting a Teenager Out of Bed by Picking Up Toys

It seems as parents we go from begging them to stay in bed to begging them to get out of bed.  That really doesn’t seem fair.  Julie details the four stages to getting a teenager out of bed…

Stage 1

This is the stage where you’re still optimistic that today will be the day that they get up without the hassle. Pahahahahaha.You knock the door whilst steeling yourself for the stench, run in and shake them awake cheerily telling them if they get up now there’s plenty of time for shower, breakfast and a cuppa.


Signs You Have a Teenager in Training by Stressy Mummy

Is it just me or are kids becoming teenagers earlier nowadays?  There I go sounding old again! Stressy Mummy gives us some of the signs our little angels might be on the turn!

Every time he speaks, he has to sigh dramatically and speak to you as if you know nothing. Because of course you know nothing.


The Drinks Machine by Best Dad I can Be

But it’s not all bad.  Having teenagers has it’s advantages.  Once they turn eighteen you can send them to the off licence…

The novelty will inevitably wear off fairly soon and flashing his driving licence won’t compensate for getting cold and wet, but let’s take advantage while it lasts.  But you may as well sound the bad parent klaxon again: a week past his birthday and I turned him into such a regular that they don’t bother asking for his ID any more.


And finally if you fancy having a reminisce about when we were teenagers, check out my post about some of the things we wore.  What were we thinking?

Been There, Done That, Got The T-shirt – 90’s Fashion Trends by Life, Love and Dirty Dishes

The Satin Shirt

The height of sophistication, and available in a range of colours.  Of course the high street ones were more polyester than satin.  A lovely breathable material for hot sweaty night clubs.  The Satin Shirt was synonymous with sweaty pit stains!


Come back next month for another LOL Round-up.  In the meantime link up your funnies to the Friday Frolics linky.


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