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Kids TV is a wonderful thing.  It has entertained my children through tonsillitis and ear infections.  We would have literally gone crazy without it during the chickenpox captivity.  It ensures my kids don’t starve as I have become an expert in prepping dinner in the time it takes to watch two episodes of Peppa Pig.  Kids TV has also been known to keep my kids quiet the morning after the night before Mummy went out for a few drinks.  Kids TV is amazing.

There are programs I love to hate such as Topsy & Tim and their smug faced Mummy.  There are programs I secretly adore such as Charlie & Lola.  However!  It is during times of confinement when kids TV has been on loop all day that I start to think too much about it, and questions arise.  How much is Justin Fletcher worth?  What on earth is Flop? Can someone please explain the Night Garden to me?

Lol round-up

I am not alone in my questions and analysis.  If you love kids TV, but at times find it sends you slightly crazy, then read these hilarious posts: 


Big Trouble in Little Nappies: FAO Cebeebies HQ

Yvette has written a letter to the big bosses with a few of her questions and concerns…

Is Igglepiggle meant to be portrayed as sexually obsessed? Deliberate developing storyline or actor improvisation gone awry? Were you aware he pinched Upsy Daisy’s bum as they sauntered onto the Ninky Nonk recently? It happened, I bore witness. And I just think it’s important that you know – no matter how many sponges Makka Pakka cleans him with – he’s always going to be dirty.


Carry on Katy: Why Peppa Pig Makes me Want to Stop Eating Bacon Sandwiches

Katy knows how annoying the pig in a dress is, but because of her?  She can get shit done.  Important shit like…

Read an article in Take A Break magazine about a woman who married a man who has 3 testicles.


The Dadventurer: A Transcript From a Night Out With The Cbeebeis Presenters

I love this post from Dave and have taken it to be actual fact!  Oh to be a fly on that wall.

Mister Maker: “…I just think there’s more to life than dancing around making arty shit. I was trained at RADA, you know? I was in the final 50 people to be Bond. This isn’t how I saw my life going. You know what some twat yelled at me in the street the other day? [Says in a Geordie accent] You’re just a poor man’s Neil Buchanan. That shit hurts.”


Mumsy Midwife: Twirlywoos – Crime Aficionados

Clare has a few observations about the Twirlywoos, including Great Big Hoo…

This unfortunate bloke probably comfort eats due to his “fat shaming” nickname, and to numb the pain of his own crippled self-esteem he drinks copious amounts of that fruit tea, which looks like it’s full of sugar.


And Another Ten Things: Cbeebies Stars – Where Are they Now?

Suzanne’s post set some time in the future, made me proper laugh out loud.  Here’s just an example of one characters future in the Go Jetters…

Following Kyan’s discovery that Grandmaster Glitch was in fact his father and his subsequent departure from the group, Go Jetters continued as a threesome before splitting later that same year. All four continue to be embroiled in a legal battle against Ubercorn who they claim stole millions of pounds of earnings from them whilst working as their manager. 


The Unsung Mum: When Mummy Pig Met Drink- A Hangover Tale

Laura details an episode of Peppa Pig the morning after the night before, and it’s all a bit too much for Mummy Pig.  Can anyone relate?!

Now Peppa is awake, she wants to know the answers to all the important questions in life, like, why does everyone live on a hill? Why are some animals still, just animals? Why isn’t George’s name alliterated? What happens if Miss Rabbit has kids? Would she be Mummy Rabbit too?


Pass The Wine Please: The Mind Boggling World of Cebeebies

Siobhan is putting the world to rights with all things that are wrong over in Cbeebeis land…

Given that a little piece of me dies every time Makka Pakka trundles over looking for Tombliboos to sponge down, I think the least they could do is put a bit of effort into sorting out the blindingly obvious scale issues. The ball CANNOT be the same size as the Pinky Ponk and yet small enough to be held by someone who fits inside the Pinky Ponk. It’s just not possible. Sort it out guys!


Life, Love and Dirty Dishes: Is Topsy’s Hair a Wig? – And Other Burning Questions

And finally I shall leave you with some thoughts on Topsy and Tim.  One of my most popular blog posts is The Top 5 Misdemeanours of Topsy & Tim.  Anytime some poor parent questions this show and asks google, google kindly sends them to my blog.  So much so that I wrote another post dedicated to the things parents are asking about Topsy and Tim, and tried to answer them as best I could! 


She’s a robot.  No other explanation.  I mean did you see the one where they dropped the cupcakes.  She didn’t even raise a perfectly groomed eyebrow, let alone her voice.


Join us next month for some more funnies.  In the mean time why not link up any funny posts to the #FridayFrolics linky.

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