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Did you think that life wouldn’t change when you had a baby?  Is it even possible to explain to the uninitiated just how much things change once small people take over your life?  Some differences we embrace and some we just need to suck it up and have a laugh about it.  One things for sure, life before kids vs after kids is never the same!

Illness Before Kids vs After Kids

Remember when being ill meant laying in bed all day watching daytime TV and generally feeling sorry for yourself? Well in life after kids being ill means everything just carries on as normal except for the feeling really sorry for yourself part.

Louise from Pink Pear Bear tells us more in her post Being Ill As A Parent

Every One Else in The World: Not change out of your pajamas.

A Parent: Want desperately to stay in your pajamas but equally don’t wish to be the subject of a letter from the school!


Romance Before Kids vs After Kids

I can see all parents looking very confused at the word romance.  If you really really think about it and cast your mind way way back, you might just remember when romance existed in your life.

Lucy from Real Mum Reviews sums up romance after kids in her post New Mum Romance RIP…

The only thing you want to be on top of is the washing.

The only thing you want to be under is your duvet…..


Homes Before Kids vs After Kids

Did your home once resemble minimalist chic?  Was it always neat and tidy?  Did you ever have to look under the sofa for Postman Pat and lost raisins?

Becka from Mummy EST 2014, highlights the changes around the home that seem to happen AK in her post The Invasion: Codename ‘Parenthood’

The kitchen cupboards became full of brightly coloured plastic dishes which quickly replaced the coordinated dinnerware that was once organised so neatly. Although we had managed a victory in something called ‘weaning’ meaning the steriliser and bottles were gone, the victory was short lived as the kitchen table was the next victim. A high chair and wipe clean matting replaced the once sophisticated dinner table decor.


Working Before kids vs After Kids

Parenting isn’t all doom and gloom.  Once you’ve negotiated with a toddler you can own any board room.

Siobahn from Pass The Wine Please tells us why work after kids is sometimes easier in her post When Being at Work Doesn’t Seem as Hard Work!

Sometimes, you have to say no to your colleagues – generally they take this on the chin and find an alternative solution. On no occasion have they reacted by having a shit-fit on the carpet or lunging at me with a spatula


Bank Holidays Before Kids vs After Kids

A three day weekend was the dream right?  After kids a three day weekend becomes a bit of a marathon that leaves you longing for normality.

Emma from Brummy Mummy of Two sums up the differences brilliantly in her post August Bank Holiday. Then vs Now

Then – Apart from the lie ins and the never ending drinking you may have nipped away for a mini break and had actual sexy time. Or took long strolls in the country or perhaps a late night trip to the flicks. All whilst being a bit tipsy of course.


The Ideal Parent before Kids vs After Kids

Do you ever look at people’s social media and think, they can’t possibly have kids?  They cannot look that good in a house that clean, if they share it with small people.

Danielle from Someone’s Mum has a brilliantly visual post highlighting the differences between how we portray life with kids, and the actual realities; Stock Photo’s vs Reality


Nights Out Before Kids vs After Kids

Remember when nights out didn’t get started until 9pm.  Nowadays if you are out past 9pm you are either asleep at the bar, or the wine has made you forget the small people will allow you no hangover compensation in the morning.

Laura from Five Little Doves talks about the sacrifices you have to make in life after kids, including those nights out: In the Words of Elton John, “It’s No Sacrifice”…

You will never drink with that same wild abandon that you had pre kids, the kind of drinking that only those who know that they can spend the entire day in bed the following day can partake in. Laying in bed with a banging head, sweating out last nights triple vodka was almost a guilty pleasure. You’d sober yourself up to a point where the Mcdonald’s drive through was just about achievable, demolish your double cheeseburger and fries like you’ve never been fed, and then spend the afternoon drifting in and out of consciousness watching re-runs of Friends and praying to feel human again.

With kids? It’s a case of two paracetamol and man up!!


Shopping Before Kids Vs After Kids

Online shopping is the saviour of parents everywhere.  FACT.

Fran from Whinge Whinge Wine shares her before and after kids views in her post Weekends With The Kids

Go treat yourself, you deserve it! Sadly for the parent, shops are the birthplace of the tantrum. Save yourself the hassle and the judgemental stares and just hand your toddler £30 to rip up while he screams at you.


Home Improvements Before Kids vs After Kids

I wrote a post about the agony of DIY after kids: DIY before Kids vs DIY After Kids

Before Kids… You wore scruffy DIY clothes and maybe put your hair in pigtails and wore a bandanna to look ‘cute’.   

After Kids… You are alarmed to discover that your once worn out DIY clothes look positively smart compared to your normal day wear.  Your husband compliments you on your clothes. Although you don’t remember them being so snug last time.  You vow to buy new clothes and start a diet.


See you next month for some more funnies.  In the meantime head on over to my #FridayFrolics linky, and link up your posts guaranteed to make us giggle.

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