The LOL Round-up Does Politics!

So much has happened in the last 6 weeks in the world of politics that it would be wrong not to reflect on that in this month’s LOL Round-up.  Whilst many of us cried over the outcome of the EU referendum and despaired at the aftermath that followed, what I personally needed was some light relief.

Whilst politics can be serious and divisive and contentious, it affects us all. So on the basis that I would much rather laugh than cry, here are some great political humour posts that I hope put a smile on your face, even if it is a somewhat satirical one.


R is for Hoppit has written a few posts about Brexit, all very clever and funny pieces.  My favourite being this one about how her toddlers are in favour of us leaving the EU: The Toddlers: STILL Supporting Brexit?

The Toddlers are currently denying the existence of their ELC Toy Box Musical Adventure Bus. Photographic evidence of them with the bus notwithstanding, they both claim never to have seen it.


Still on the topic of Brexit and the aftermath, A Quirky Kook decided as so many politicians were resigning, she would also write her resignation letter: It’s Not EU.  It’s You.

It is with regret that I tender my resignation as Chief Optimist, part-time Idealist and fully fledged member of Hope.


There have also been some fantastic posts about our newly appointed Prime Minister.  Not My Year Off talks about her Wishlist For Theresa May.

Sack anyone that blatantly lies on a grand scale. And by that, I mean presented with a P45 and not left to shilly shally about on the back benches smugly patting themselves on the back claiming they’ve “done their bit”.


Although many of us have thought we could do a better job that those running the country in the last few months, Complicated Gorgeousness disagrees in her post Why I Would Make a Terrible Prime Minister.

I can’t hold my own water so after just one get-together with the Bilderberg group – I’d be breaking all the Chatham House Rules and dishing out the gossip to the Number 10 cleaners over a brew and a chocolate HobNob.


Moving onto issues that affect us all such as term-time holidays, The Indeparent, who writes fantastically satirical posts, wrote this one about the term time policy: Plane Travel During Term Time Sucks Children’s Brains Out

“Spending quality time together as a family during term time is just plain uncalled for – there are perfectly good holiday periods for that. It’s as if parents think they know what’s best for their own children or something.”


And finally if you want to check out my son’s views on running the country, and whether he could do a better job, check out my post If Five year-Olds Ran The Country.

All children will have the same bedtime, and parents trying to put their children to bed when it is still light will have to go to jail.


I hope these posts are a welcome relief to the headlines dominating the news at the moment.  

I’ll leave you with this little clip of a toddler’s thoughts on Brexit by Mothers Always Right.

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See you next month for some more funnies.

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