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Why are we laughing at the misfortune of others?  Because sometimes other people’s mishaps are really funny.  

Everyone has an embarrassing story up their sleeve that makes people howl with laughter. Sometimes people falling over is just really funny.  Sometimes we all need a good laugh and to say, I’m so glad that wasn’t me. For once.  

This month I am sharing some stories of misfortune and cringe worthy mishaps from fellow bloggers who have lived to tell the tale, and have drunk enough wine since to be able to laugh about it.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy.  You have permission to laugh at these stories.  


First up is a rather smelly tale from Mum Revised.  Living in a house with three men, I am in the minority when it comes to finding farting side-splittingly hilarious.  However Mum Revised did really make me laugh with her ill-timed flatulence...

“It wasn’t a small break of air with nary-a-butt lift required. It was an egg-rotting, dead-mammal, decaying and fermented masterpiece of bowel pre-shart air juice.”

(This was a guest post for ‘The Oops Files’ series from Absolutely Prabulous, check the series out for lots more embarrassing fails)


Moving on from farting to peeing, and a rather embarrassing tale from Beta Mummy as part of my ‘Rookie Mistakes’ series.  This post is confirmation that trampolines are not much fun post baby, no matter how many pelvic floor squeezes you did…

“Me, being:
a) an idiot
b) slightly pissed (all the best kids’ parties involve booze for the grown-ups, right?)
c) over-confident about the state of my pelvic floor
decided that I simply must have a go on said trampoline.”


Sticking with toilet mishaps we have Tales From Mamaville, and her story of one of those heart stopping moments as a parent when your child gets their head stuck.  In this case, stuck in a potty!

“I called my husband and we both realised the severity of the situation. We pulled, tugged, tried to turn and twist (the potty not ourselves) but the darn thing didn’t budge. It just sat there, perched halfway through my son’s forehead.”


As if a weakened bladder isn’t enough for us mums to live with post birth, we are also inflicted with the curse of ‘baby brain’ or ‘mumneisa’.  Our Rach Blogs shares her embarrassing attempt at rescuing her phone after a bath mishap, I don’t want to give the story away, so I shall tease you with this…

“Every single person I have regaled with this story has laughed out LOUD at me, whilst simultaneously shaking their head and probably wishing they didn’t know me.  Even the guy in the O2 shop told me I’d made his day (whilst probably thinking what an absolute moron I am and fearing for my son’s academic future). “


Finally, the post that really inspired the mishaps theme for this month, was the hilarious confessions of sleep deprivation from Whinge, Whinge Wine.  There are some very funny mishaps in this post, but the one that had me crying with laughter was the unfortunate lady who misplaced her tampon…

“The doctor told me there could be a tiny chance that it may have slipped into my womb as it was still dilated from giving birth, so he referred me to hospital as an emergency. I had to ring my other half at work so he could come home and look after the kids – he had to tell his boss why and everything. So, off to hospital I went for an internal scan. They were 100% certain I was all clear and sent me home. At home after a traumatic day, and my other half tells me there is a tampon out of the wrapper sitting on the bathroom window ledge.”


If you fancy a laugh at some of my own mishaps, including a story about what happens when you forget you are cooking boiled eggs, check out my post, baby brain fails.


What about you?  Any mishaps you would like to confess? 


Until next time, tweet me your funnies @lifeloveanddd or pop along to #FridayFrolics, The Linky With The Giggles.


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