LOL Round-Up: No need for January blues with these howlers

laughing women by Lighwavemedia via ShutterstockHow was your Christmas?  Was it great, but you are now kind of glad it’s all over and you can get back to normal?  What about New Year?  Did you make it to midnight, or were you snoring on the sofa by then? Personally I am still trying to find homes for all the new toys, and learn where the off switch is on some of them.  The first is going to require a trip to Ikea for more storage, and the second might see some toys running out of batteries *cough cough.*

I know you are probably fed up of over indulging, and are sticking firm to your resolutions, but allow me to indulge you with some hilarious posts, that will have you belly laughing to burn of those Christmas calories.

First up we have one of my favourite bloggers, Mama Zen.  She has set up Parenting Helpline UK.  All you need to do, is decide what option you need.  I’ve a sinking feeling that I will be calling up and pressing option number 5 in the not too distant future:

“Press 5. If your child has just given up their daytime nap and you require counselling.”

Secondly we have Parenting in Pyjamas.  If you have not quite recovered from the organisational whirlwind of the festive season and find that your brain is still operating at full speed and causing your eyes to roll around in your head, her post, How to Have the Perfect First Christmas With Baby, will provide a sense of relief that you are not alone.  Also her delegation idea is a great tip for next year:

“Gracefully retire to bed with whole Yule log (definitely not euphemism) and write husband love letter of all presents needed. Promise wild sexual rewards. Deliver as reliably as your Christmas cards. Sorted.”

Sticking with the festive theme we have First Tooth with her post On The First Day Of Christmas.  I was simultaneously laughing and nodding in agreement from the first line:

“On the first day of Christmas, my toddler gave to me, a tantrum right next to the tree.”

How many Can you tick off the list?

Next up is The Notorious Mum with The Sweary Mums Club.  Having “Mummy Friends” is essential, but having Mummy Friends on the same wave length as you keeps you sane in the slightly insane parenting moments.  The Notorious Mum takes us on her hilarious journey of how she finally met the one.

“I did what every lonely, first-time mamma does when she’s in a strange city with no friends. I whored myself out. I did EVERYTHING. Kindy gym, toddler bop, music and movement, rhymes and chimes and gymbaroo. And that was just on Mondays. My first-born son was doing headstands on a soft mat to the sound of panpipes playing Twinkle Twinkle before he could chew solid food.”

Lastly we have my personal blogging superstar.  If I ever meet her I am going to ask her for her autograph and a selfie.  It’s the Brilliant Brummy Mummy of 2 with her post, 5 Alternative Parenting Skills.  Have you got any of these mastered?  I’m pretty good at number 2 now, the stopping naps in the car.

“If one is ten minutes from home and one doesn’t want ones child napping thus either a) ‘totally wiping out the dream of the afternoon’ nap or b) ‘sending the child into a bat sh*t cray cray ten minute’ car nap. Well. One may drive with one arm on the wheel and one arm shaking the child’s leg and hysterically singing a hastily made up “don’t go to sleep tra la la laaaaa” song.”

Hope you enjoy these posts.  See you again next month for another LOL Round-Up.  If you get your funny on, why not share your post on my weekly linky Friday Frolics.  Alternatively tweet me @lifeloveanddd

Happy New Year.

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    Thanks so much for the inclusion! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! xxx

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    Thanks for including my post! LOVE all the other blogs .. hilarious! X