Laugh Out Loud: Beating the January blues


lol round-upAs it is still January –or it was when I started writing this! – I was hoping for some hilarious new year’s resolutions for this months’ round-up . So first prize to Lowden Clear for providing just that. I particularly like the idea of enjoying nice presents  and not saving them for best. For you it may be the luxury face cream that went off while you were “saving it.”  But imagine the pain of one who once saved a tiny jar of caviar from a Russian friend for 6 years. Funnily enough by the time I decided to open it, it was so past it’s sell-by date we had to throw it in the bin!!

There were not so many New Year resolutions being declared this year tut tut – but who am I to judge. I haven’t even had time to make mine yet let alone break them! But I have found some other kinds of lists that have made me laugh. This is a list of ways to annoy your teenage daughter from Sonya at The Ramblings of a Formerly Rock and Roll Mum. It’s mean – but it’s very funny!

A type of list I was not aware of  is a thing called a shovel list – as in things that annoy you so much you want to hit them with a shovel. I can’t condone violence of any kind – however I love this list from invisible mum and the dogs wearing little coats would probably be on my own shovel list – if I was violent! Which I’m not. At all.

Funny pictures, funny video but what really made me laugh was the disclaimer at the end from Leyla at this day i love. (Sorry Leyla this may not have been intentionally funny but it just made me think about the paranoia there is now around sponsored posts and reviews and I actually did laugh out loud – which is the test!!)

This is one that fits in well with January blues – the general feeling of tiredness and will the sun ever come out again. Although of course in Southwark Belle’s case it is caused by lack of sleep with a new baby – we can all relate to this

We can all relate to this too – a chuckle in sympathy with stickers and smiles  rather than a laugh out loud perhaps ( but chuckles are just as valuable!) and we’ve all been here… OK maybe it’s just me that can’t combine work and school pick ups – even now I pay others to do it a lots of the time!

I couldn’t not include this from Minty Barlow –  not just because it’s funny,  but actually because it’s a bloody good poem – and I’m claiming it for my round up before someone else does.

And finally if none of this has helped you shake off that freezing gloomy slushy snow January feeling , here’s something you could consider as a form of self improvement,  if you are not bothered by the cost, intrusiveness ( I use that word very deliberately) and the staggering cost. If it doesn’t make you laugh my goodness it will make you gasp. Thanks to Bored in Catalunya for bringing it to our attention and it’s a good reminder perhaps that with Valentine’s Day coming round again I will be looking for the romantic or raunchy in a few weeks time.


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  1. 03 February 2013 / 17:18

    Thank you for including me!

  2. 04 February 2013 / 17:44

    And thanks from me too – (as LowdenClear – which I am – often)

  3. 04 February 2013 / 20:41

    just what i need a long list of reasons to laugh – thanks!

  4. Thisdayilove
    13 February 2013 / 20:22

    Glad I made you laugh, that’s for including me