How to get the kids involved with cooking this Christmas

Cooking is a valuable skill that will help your kids throughout their entire lives, and Christmas is an excellent time to start teaching them. That’s a fact known all too well by mum-of-one Jane Rylands, who has been working at award-winning cooker manufacturer Belling for the past 15 years. Here, she explains how you can get the kids involved in cooking this Christmas, no matter their age.

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Creating traditions with our kids is an important part of Christmas. And, considering that food plays a huge part in the winter festivities, a fantastic way to build a new family tradition is by getting your little ones involved with the cooking. Whether you fancy teaching them some Christmas baking or even having a go at getting them involved in the main event, you’ll be able to teach them about the joy of cooking while also bonding as a family and creating lasting memories.
You might think getting the kids involved with the cooking will be a difficult task but, if you follow the steps below, you can make it fun for everyone.

Plan in plenty of time

One of the biggest reasons that many parents choose not to get the kids involved in cooking is time. But, just because you can’t cook with them every night, it doesn’t mean you can’t cook with them at all. The Christmas period provides an ideal opportunity to start doing this as both you and your kids will have more free time to spend together. Set aside a few hours one day and have fun in the kitchen.

Choose the right recipes

Before you can get started, you’ll need to have an idea of what you’re going to cook. It’s always wise to start off with something simple, and a good starting point to get your ideas flowing is by taking a look at the Belling children’s recipe book, complete with handy tips for teaching the little ones about kitchen safety and food hygiene. What you choose will largely depend on the age of your kids and how confident you are in their abilities. But, there is usually a job suitable for the little ones in most recipes, even if that is just mixing dry ingredients or washing vegetables.

Patience is a virtue

Obviously, cooking by yourself will be much quicker — after all, you won’t be teaching at the same time — but, spending the time to teach your kids now will pay off in the long run. The more you teach them, the faster they will become. You’ll need to have your eyes on them constantly the first few times they try and cut something, but over time they will get better and need less supervision. Once they can do jobs without constant oversight, they can actually become an asset to you in the kitchen, helping you to get things done quicker.

So, there’s nothing stopping you: get in the kitchen with your kids this Christmas and start teaching them one of the most important life skills. Set aside some time on a regular basis, and you’ll set them on the path to becoming culinary experts.

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