35 tips for great family car journeys

Happy kids in car by altanaka via ShutterstockSummer is a great time to jump in the car with the family and spend time together. At our recent #BPDriveInDineOut Twitter party we asked about your memorable car journeys and top tips for hassle-free journeys.

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Memorable journeys

Mountain roads in Gran Canaria, forest lanes in the New Forest and lovely Cornwall @Mummytravels

You can’t occupy children better than by visiting zoos or animal parks, Longleat is great. @halkerstone

Drive into the New Forest is great for us, my little girl likes to spot and ount the ponies – fun and educational @jujugaboo

One of my favourite recent car journeys with my daughter @Mummytravels

Love our campervan travels. This is a pic from the Tarn Gorge  @daisyduck123

The kids love going out in our soft top jeep! There are fits of giggles and waving to everyone! @BellaBuddy123

My first year as a mum involved many 4hr trips with a reflux baby. I learnt these tips fast! @BabyRoutes

I love that people wave back to my kids when we drive…a bit of kindness and a moment taken to make life better

Fun and games to have on the road

Create a trip map and track it with the kids, add ‘treasure’ by letting them have snacks/sweets at certain points! @thequeenosheba

Tie toys for younger children to their seats so you don’t have to retrieve them from the floor. @Glitterbug81

You can pick up these for a couple of pounds. Hang them on your car seat, store the toys! @CateMcAlin

I went online and downloaded free worksheets, word searches, puzzles and; kept them in a folder in the glove box! @Lkash20

Play games about who can spot a tractor, cow or plane first. @clairehask

Play a game with the kids to note down how many horses and so on they see in the field to keep them busy @KatiePrentice2

Get the smalls to spot random things, I didn’t expect one of them to go “Dad! There’s a dead bird!” @hooker1uk

We plan stops and a new activity or treat after each one on long journeys; a new colouring book, game, or snack @MoolBoots

The Tweenager loves [listening to radio shows] Just a Minute and The Unbelievable Truth on car journeys @NEFamilyFun

Anyone else try and take scenery snaps from the car as hubby drives? (it never works) @vykisparkes


Health and safety for car trips

Have a travel blind for the back window and sunglasses, as it can be bright even when not sunny @Mummytravels

Don’t forget to check oil, fuel, tyre pressure before leaving, entertaining kids when broken down is not fun! @Lkash20

If you have a car sick sufferer invest in some travel sickness bands – best invention ever! @lynn_heath

The essential kit

Take a pen and paper as there are so many things you can do with them @likeme247

Snacks, IPads, Drinks and Music http://t.co/rEaEvrphkp @mummy2monkeys1

Wet wipes are definite essentials for ANY road trip @NEFamilyFun

Road trip music

My kids love Katy Perry roar but I love Boys of Summer @kaypmumof3

The essential element to a good family road trip has to be the mix tape/playlist @Melaina25

“We’re halfway there”! https://t.co/1mnuiqAVP3 @missielizzieb duets with @juliehazell2

Snacks kids love on days out

I used to chop up fruit and vegetables into sticks for car journeys – bit of a novelty and healthy too @emmfurn

Fruit gums – tell the kids to see who can eat theirs without chewing so they don’t scoff the lot @SarahThomas49

Good plan! Keeps them quiet too @missielizzieb

Snack-wise, things which won’t disintegrate or be too messy such as bananas and frozen bottle of water so it stays cold @Mummytravels

Crackers, bread sticks, fruit pouches, biscuits and sweets and .we take a cool box with a picnic for a long journey @katykillen1

Dream trips

We would love to drive all the way to Paris with the kids. Disneyland would be amazing. long journeys can be fun @likeme247

We live in Northumberland but have driven to Peppa Pig world with 3 kids twice now and survived! @NEFamilyFun

We’re planning to hit the beach this weekend, jump in the car and go @Wkdjojo

The last words

We do enjoy a road trip! @JanTweetTweets

Receive one ‘Fill up for free pizza’ voucher when you fill up with a minimum of 35 litres of fuel in a single transaction. Please refer to the following steps to obtain your Meal code to receive your free meal. Note: The ‘Fill up for free pizza’ vouchers will not be accepted at PizzaExpress.

Collect three BP vouchers between 2nd and 29th June and then visit www.bp.co.uk/driveindineout before 9th August. Enter your details and the unique voucher code on each of the 3 vouchers and receive a PizzaExpress Meal code in an email. The email containing the Meal code should be taken into a participating PizzaExpress between 2nd June and 9th August, and shown to your waiter before ordering.

Subject to exclusions, from 29th May see www.bp.co.uk/driveindineout for full details.

Homepage image and top: Happy kids in car by altanaka via Shutterstock

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