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Super Camps activities get kids outside & active

The summer holidays are almost upon us and many parents worry about how they are going to keep the kids occupied for 6 weeks. BritMums held a Twitter Chat discussing how we entertain the kids during the summer holidays.

The chat was sponsored by Super Camps, who offer Ofsted registered holiday camps for children aged from 4 to 14. In more good news for parents, childcare vouchers are accepted too! Their holiday camps for a whole range of ages and interests. Kids get to do team building, arts and crafts, sports and messy play, plus specialist courses during the summer, including cookery, Lego building, outdoor adventure skills, even laser tag. Check it out now to find one near you:

What activities are most popular with children?

Outdoor Fun

My son loves anything creative….we are often outside collecting natural objects and then turning them into mythical creatures! @MaryHeald1

What kids love in the kitchen

Even the cleaning up can be fun!!

Creative Fun

All of them! My son is very active so loves sport and in the last few months has developed a real love for Lego! @Ourseasidebaby

We haven’t done any cooking but making salt dough is a favourite …when it’s baked and dried we paint it…a bit messy but a good activity if it’s a wet day. @MaryHeald1

Car boot sales provide cheap entertainment as we often buy a new board game or two for the hols. Also the boys like to raise money for a day out by selling their toys too @Goriami

My 11yr old takes part in the each year to read and borrow 6 books over the holidays. Last year she read @Mycrzybrood

Should holidays be educational or challenging?

There a lot of pressures on children at school nowadays. I believe that holidays should be fun and help bring everything into perspective @MaryHeald1

Absolutely, getting the mix between having fun, learning through play and avoiding the summer slump for the children @Littleboo_21

Yes definitely their brains absorb so much at a young age it is so important for growth @hannahbjm

I think learning outside of school is a completely different ball game. I like to teach my kids about things they don’t necessarily learn in school and let them take the lead on what they want to discover @Tantrums2Smiles

What parents think of Super Camps

Through the experience at their camps, Super Camps helps children make friends, teaches them new skills and creates a fun and friendly environment during the school holidays, when parents want to keep their children entertained. Here’s what parents think of what is on offer:

Wow! How great that these super fun camps are open to children with such a huge age range! My little girl turns 4 this week and my son is 9 so its fab to know there is a place I could send them both and know they would both be catered for! @Tantrums2Smiles

It’s like a holiday for the children but they’re learning great skills while having fun! Such a great choice. Definitely going to read more @IanTudor321

Think this is fantastic. I think being away from family and outside of school circle can be very helpful in encouraging self-independence and confidence with other children @RootsandWings1

What a fab range of activities available to all; creates such a broad range of skills. With opportunities like this there will be no stopping the next generation @SianW86

Great that it’s Ofsted registered @Dizzymermaid100

Wow, much cheaper than I originally thought! You often think only the most privileged children go to summer camps @IanTudor321

I can’t believe how many there are. Our closest one is only about 10 miles away and it definitely sounds like they are all worth a drive as I know my kids would love it! @Tantrums2Smiles

I’m a super-anxious parent, and probably would be on edge all the day. Yesterday my son went on a school trip with the young carers group. Had to keep myself super busy just not to hyperventilate from anxiety. He had a blast, on the other hand. @maximka25


Some parents wonder: Where are the Super Camps for Mums (and Dads)?

My son would love the LEGO play… Wonder what the age limit is, as I think hubby would love to attend too @Littleboo_21

They should totally do adult ones @missielizzieb

I can feel a new brand coming on……… #SuperCampMums 🙂 @chelseamamma

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