The importance of keeping Gas Safe at Christmas #ad

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At our #GasSafeXmas Twitter chat — sponsored by Gas Safe Register — we talked about your Christmas concerns and highlighted one you really need to be aware of: carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Research by @GasSafeRegister shows that one of the things people are most worried about over winter is catching flu, but did you know the symptoms of CO poisoning mimic those of flu? And December has been found to be the most dangerous month for unsafe gas appliances.

There are 12 million in the UK at risk from unsafe gas appliances. Gas Safe Register exists to protect you, your family and your property from unsafe gas work. Trust the triangle and look for the yellow triangle on your engineer’s ID card, which indicates that you’re using a Gas Safe registered engineer. Check the back of the card too, to confirm they are qualified to work on the appliances they are looking at for you.

Most gas-related fires happen on Christmas Day (!) so get your annual safety check and have a #GasSafeXmas!

What we learned from the #GasSafeXmas Chat


This is a wake-up call

  • The thing is it could happen to any of us and it could easily be prevented @Beckielise
  • So scary how easy it can be to get missed! @TazAllwood
  • My mum had her gas fires condemned a few years ago because of carbon monoxide levels @LouLou_Uberkirk
  • Knowing your rights is so important. Landlords are responsible for tenants’ gas safety


Gas Safe image of pregnant woman & gas fire

Image: Gas Safe Register

Watch out for flu-like symptoms

  • I have huge concerns about CO poisoning. I had no idea the symptoms were flu like! Need more education! Save lives! @n_doherty1981
  • 6 symptoms for CO poisoning: headaches, dizzy, nausea, breathlessness, collapse and
    loss of consciousness @n_doherty1981
  • Really important to familiarise yourself with signs of CO poisoning. If there’s any doubt, you should check it out! @Lkash20
  • December is worst month for CO poisoning, don’t confuse it for flu. Do you know the symptoms? #GasSafeXmas

Check appliances and detectors

  • 1 in 5 households haven’t had their gas appliances checked in 2016, leaving 12 million at risk #GasSafeXmas
  • It’s all those boilers being really cranked up for December (I’m not talking about myself here) @angep1969
  • We have a monitor and we test them every month @thecheshirewife
  • I have a sticker on my calendar to test my alarm once a month, works for me @thesoupdragon44
  • We have a free service where we will email you when your safety check is due, here you go – @GasSafeRegister
  • We have just had our boiler checked but I worry about my 72-yr-old mum. She has gas cooker/hob @JAZZ_SHOESDANCE
  • It’s a concern as to whether to get gas appliances checked, carbon monoxide is a silent killer which is so scary @xxcarolinexxx


Gas Safe image of baby with fire gate

Image: Gas Safe Register

Give gas safety for Christmas

  • You can potentially give the gift of life with a detector – especially good for people going off to college/uni or new houses @kateonthinice
  • We have just had our boiler checked but I worry about my 72-yr-old mum. She has gas cooker/hob @JAZZ_SHOESDANCE
  • Yes and help elderly friends and relatives remember to test their appliances and detectors when you visit @goriami
  • Could be the best gift you give to someone this year @thesoupdragon44


Gas Safe image of baby with couple & fireplace

Image: Gas Safe Register

Educate and spread the word


Get more information about Gas Safety at


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