Education Round-up: Streaming sport, new beginnings & memories to treasure


education roundupAnd so we enter into a new year and with it thoughts of new beginnings and resolutions. For many of us our thoughts turn to exercise, shaving off those Christmas pounds and getting fit.

So, I am starting off with a thought provoking post from Sonya Cisco over at The Ramblings of a Formerly Rock n Roll Mum on the subject of compulsory sport at school. She suggests that perhaps sports departments should follow the same model as maths and English departments, by streaming children for sports. Have a read and let Sonya and us know what you think, do you agree?

The New Year also brings with it the looming deadline for state primary school applications for September. It’s a testing time for many parents as they make their decisions about which school, if any, they’d prefer their child to go to.

I mention, ‘if any’, because Ross Mountney points out in her post entitled School is just one choice and you don’t have to choose it that Home Educating is also an option. She admits that she found the idea a little “weird’” before she started, but couldn’t now be happier that it was the route she chose for her children.  Could you home educate your children? Have a read and see what you think.

For those who are busy making a final decision between primary schools, here’s a post from You’re Not From Round Here with a dilemma as to whether to opt for a Catholic primary school that she really warmed to, even though her family isn’t Catholic, or go for a school with no religious affiliation.

And for those with littlies, here’s some ponderings from Really Rachel on why the free 15 hours of nursery starts the term after a child turns three, rather than when they turn three. Good point Rachel, what does everyone else think?

And finally, for a shorter Roundup than usual I will admit – sandwiched between Christmas and my daughter’s third birthday celebrations at the weekend, I couldn’t end without mentioning this post from Emma at Science Sparks:

The blogging community lost a much-loved member at the end of last year. Emma at Science Sparks has showcased her favourite of Kerry’s experiment posts for Science Sparks in 2012. Enjoying a little science learning with your child courtesy of Kerry’s brilliant mind has to be a great way to keep the memory of her alive.

If you are feeling all het up about an education related issue or are posting anything learning related for children of any age, please do get in touch to share your posts. You can drop me a line at motherwifeme at or you can reach me on Twitter or leave the link in a comment below. I’ll try and include it in next month’s Round Up.

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