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For me my happy place has been for many months now has been in Instagram surrounded by life at its fullest.

From kitten pictures and cute baby shots to travels and adventures being documented to the kid’s artwork and the family’s attire.

Instagram has something for everyone.

Some time back Instagram upped the platform ante and allowed its users to create even more ways of reaching their followers with the introduction of ‘Stories’

Instagram Stories effectively disappear from your profile and feed after 24 hours unless you add it as a highlight and they can be an amazingly helpful to reach out to more followers than just the standard picture grid lovers that want more of the real life and less of the perfect.

For me I have to be honest and say that the idea of adding videos is something that has taken me a while to get used to but I am just about to embark on this learning journey and so I have been asking our wonderful community why they love Instagram Stories and what tips would they give to someone just starting out their ‘Stories’ journey.

Making It Personal
Ami from Ami Elizabeth says “I love how it allows you to develop a bit of a personal relationship with your followers. We all share our best bits on our feeds, but I use IG stories to share the rest of it – the everyday ups and downs”

She  isn’t alone either as Lianne from Ankle Bitters Adventures says that Stories can help you be more relatable to your followers and this is the reason I would love to make that leap!

Imperfections Are Acceptable
As Amy mentions above the joy of stories means you are free from having to stage or pose and no one expects everything to look ‘perfect’ Julie from Pondering Parenthood says “you can put your general ramblings on there and photos of things that you love but maybe aren’t quite framed perfectly or are slightly blurry. Then you can ‘tart’ them up a bit using the stickers! (My personal favourite technique for covering up a messy corner!”)

Location Is Everything

Now when I asked our lovely community what would be the biggest tip they would give to someone who was just starting to make their own ‘stories’ Sinead from Sinead Lathan suggests that“ If you want to get your stories out to new followers make sure you use the location tag; it can quadruple your reach with ease! You can shrink the icon down and hide it under gifs and text to make it look cleaner” Becky from Mommy and Rory agrees that adding a location in can help local brands find you too!

Instagram Stories Stickers and Filters
I have to admit here to being a total newbie using stickers and filters but I do love watching stories, unless it’s a cat filter. I personally find that one very distracting and love to watch the people I am following in person not cat form. Obviously, I maybe alone on this but I did ask my other ‘stories’ loving bloggers and they are loving the stickers and filters. In fact, Emma from Ready Freddie Go loves nothing more than a scribble brain dumping session to fill in her followers on what’s going on and Sharon from Teen Tween Toddler likes to keep any text minimal on her ‘stories’. So, playing around to find what works for you and your followers just like our blogs and other social channels looks like it’s the way forward.

If you are starting out on Instagram, or enjoy watching ‘Stories’ why not follow our lovely members above or find some other people to follow from the community by the Britmums hashtag #SnapHappyBritmums

For some further information on how to navigate around Instagram Stories you can find some helpful tips over HERE.

Do you have some top tips to share on what works for your followers? Or maybe you’re a follower of someone you think does a great job, what makes their stories great? Do share with us in the comments below.


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