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Instagram for me was one of the last social media channels that I took to. As a blogger set in my ways I turned to Facebook and Twitter as my channels of choice, after all who’s got time to drool over delicious looking food pictures, dream of sunny locations and lust after amazing homes, days out and even pushchairs? … ok that just might be me but Instagram hashtags are now my escape to switch off and see life being lived in every different way possible.

What I have noticed more of over recent months, especially being the new year, is that many people are addressing so many different aspects of their lives with resolutions they set this month and the power of the hashtag is booming.

Hashtags have long been an amazingly helpful method to find and follow people and pictures that you love. For me this makes Instagram in my opinion the best platform to engage with those of similar interests without the pressure of a searching for weeks to find content or in this case images that you are looking for.

Over the last month I have been watching from a distance as some of the bloggers in our community have embraced hashtags like never before on Instagram to empower not only themselves but others too.

Emma from Me, The Man & The Kids has decided that this year she is taking on the challenge of #30Before30 and is learning to love the skin she is in and it certainly gives you a warm and fuzzy glow watching her confidence excitement growing as she discover who she is right now.

I think I need to take Emma’s lead and maybe look to into using the hashtag #40before40 (of which there is paltry 6,500 of them) I love the idea of taking a time frame and doing things to challenge yourself.

Emma from The Cheshire Wife is using Instagram to share her decluttering journey and she is not alone as people on mass after the Christmas period took to Instagram to show their bags and items they were donating to charity in the name of decluttering. So it’s a win win for this one! 

We all know that fitness has been the resolution for many people this month and Instagram has come into its own with lots of members of the community taking to this motivating platform to help keep them moving in terms of getting fitter and healthier. 

Nickie from I Am Typecast has been using hashtags like #BeTheBestOfMe and #FitBitchesMOVEment on her amazing running journey and watching her thrive in even the most arctic of conditions while on her runs its super inspiring and you can read all about it HERE on her blog. 

As bloggers, we know that social media is massive part of what we do with our blogging brands every day and Instagram for many is part of that package. PR companies are even more eager to work with people on this channel so it’s no surprise really that we are using it build business too and the lovely JBMumOfOne is no exception as she builds her online Beachbody health and fitness coaching business and she is a massive fan of using #WeightLossJourney and #FitnessJourney when she visits Instagram. 

The final mentions for inspiring people using super hashtag would have to be the lovely ladies behind the blog My Two Mums. Kirsty and Clara have been on weightless and fitness mission for a while now and with Kirsty having lost just under 5.5 stones and Clara losing 7.5 stones these women are utterly amazing and they personally inspire me every single day.

Kirsty I know has found Instagram an immensely motivating place with #gettingfitforme #losingweightfeelinggreat being 2 of her favorite hashtags to use. 

However not just content on using Instagram for just her weight loss journey Kirsty is also documenting her new-found love of running and is set to run the London Marathon in April of this year and is raising money on behalf of the Stroke Association which is truly inspirational.

Are you following some amazing hashtag that are inspiring you this month? If you are please feel free to share them in the comments. Part of the joy of Instagram is finding new things to enjoy and follow. If you are still looking for some inspiration don’t forget that here at Britmums we have our own hashtag #SnapHappyBritmums hashtag you can use to keep track of people in the community and also to share your own images with everyone too


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