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This month for me it has been about getting to grips with Instagram as a social media platform in its own right. After the announcement, a few weeks back about Facebook Pages being affected by the new algorithms and that business pages and posts to be seen far less than ever before, many of us are now focussing much more of our time on Instagram instead.

Over recent months Instagram has shown itself as a great marketing contender in the blogesphere. Weather you are showcasing your photography, food or family, brands and PR’s are loving our content and in turn I think more of us are looking at our accounts in a more business focussed way.  So here are some handy tips from around the community to help get the most out of your accounts and photos.

Interaction & Hashtags

It goes without saying this platform is based on interaction with its ‘heart’ function and easy access comment system but it goes further than that with the use of Hashtags.

falling hashtag for snap happy britmums

Recently Instagram launched the new feature to be able to ‘Follow’ hashtags. So, if there is a set hashtag you follow religiously, give it a follow. Not only will those posts that use those hashtag pop up on your home feed. For me it’s been a great way to follow new people easily.

Don’t forget to take a look at our very own #SnapHappyBritmums hashtag too as I have found so many Britmums Bloggers to follow and it’s great to engage with some new faces!


Just like blogs post and blog followers, Instagram will have its own set of followers and its own expectations from those followers. Charlie from Our Altered Lives has a large following herself and she recommends that posting regularly is the key, along with ensuring there is a continuity to your Instagram’s photos style giving it an identity in its own right.

Image Quality

We all have those snapped blurry images on our phones and Jodie from Maidenhead Mum suggests that you take the best photo you can from the beginning as there is only so much editing you can do after. If your phone is old she says to use a better-quality camera and Wi-Fi the images back to your phone. I must admit I have been known to do this personally too, although without a Wi-Fi option on one of my cameras I edit the photo then put it into the Dropbox app and collect it from my phones app then upload it to Instagram.


More Than Just Promotion

It’s easy to forget that Instagram is not a blog and that it’s an ideal way to sharing more with your followers than just promoting blog posts. Cass from Frugal Family says “my biggest tip would be to try to remember that Instagram isn’t simply a tool for promoting your blog” and its good advice. Instagram allows followers a more in-depth view into your life without you having to invest in hours and hours of your time (unless that’s what you want) Sometimes a pictures says a thousand words and if all it ever says is come and read my post it can be hard to see past that. 

Followers Vs Engagement

Recently I had a discussion with a PR manager for a brand I love to work with about the amount of follower’s vs engagement and it’s still something that many marketeers are still split down the middle on.

Many people think that having thousands or even tens of thousands of followers is key to a great account but in reality, if you have masses of ‘followers’ but there is no engagement your photos are going to be seen less. Instead a more active engagement from someone with lower follower numbers can lead to a higher impression number in the long run. This article about Engagement vs Followers is great reading if you want to know more about it.


Although Instagram is an app in its own right there are lots of other apps out there than you might like to utilise to get the best out of you photos and maybe even your account. For me I would be lost without my previously mentioned Dropbox but Kirsty from Winnettes has a great post that has lots of other ideas on what apps can help with your photos and planning for your Instagram channel which you can find HERE. There are things from photo editing to hashtag finders so some great tips for us all. 

If you could give just one piece of advice or tip to someone about using Instagram what would yours be?

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