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Hello and a very happy new year to you all. Welcome back to the January Instagram round-up where I share all the insta tips and tricks that I’ve found on the web with lots of advice coming from within the BritMums community. I don’t know about you but I always use January to take stock of the year ahead and make some measurable goals. I love Instagram so, of course, my goals include increasing following and engagement on the platform. 

It’s great to look back and reflect at your photographic style. 2016 Best Nine is a great tool to help you gauge which images were your audience’s favourites. I read an interesting take on it from Elfa over at Californian Mum in London, who asks whether they really were her ‘best nine.’ 

If you are thinking of switching up your style on Instagram here’s an idea of what you should post with 10 fantastic ideas for creating original content. 

If like me, you’re looking to grow your following then check out this article from Katy at Hot Pink Wellingtons. Katy explains: “follower numbers aren’t the be all and end all, but if you’re serious about using your Instagram account as a business, then a large follower count is a huge part of why a brand would want to work with you”. 

Interaction is key on any social media platform, Colette from We’re going on an adventure advises that if we treat Instagram like a community it can only be a positive thing for boosting engagement. 

It’s great to see a quick growth with plenty of interaction but also really important to attract an audience that is interested in you. Otherwise, how are they going to ‘buy in’ to your product or service? Chloe from Life Unexpected explains how to do just that. 

If you’ve been setting the goals you want to achieve by a specific timeframe then don’t forget to read one of my most popular articles detailing how I doubled my Instagram following in less than 6 months. 

That’s a lot of reading to keep you going for the month and in true new year style I’m ending with 5 inspirational Instagram accounts to help you beat the January blues.

@yogagirl– Practices yoga in paradise and has encouraged me to give it another go. 

@cleaneatz-For healthy clean eating and workout inspiration. The food looks gorgeous!

@leaninorg-A nonprofit organisation looking to encourage women of all ages and races to achieve their ambitions.

@leighakendall-is a hugely inspirational lady to me and I love everything about her Instagram-it makes me so happy. 

@bellakeej-A storyteller for children and the elderly, this is a feed full of breathtaking photography. 

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