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Hello and welcome to May’s Instagram round-up. I’m Lucy from Hello Beautiful Bear and I’ll be popping over every month to talk to you about everything and anything Instagram-related. If you’ve recently written a blog post, filmed a quick video or have any insights, hashtags or news to share please do get in touch as I’d love to hear from you!

As it’s my first month bringing you all of the latest buzz and excitement surrounding the Instagram community together with top tips and technical expertise, I thought I’d share a couple of my all-time favourite posts to kick us off before settling down to ‘proper business’ next month.

The first is from sassy family blogger Hannah from Hi Baby Blog who gives us a tongue-in-cheek account of how to get the perfect Instagram home including the obligatory gallery wall and making sure that every third surface is home to some sort of greenery, darh-ling

It’s so easy, in a place where we #pursuepretty, to get lost in a sea of beautiful things and start to feel disheartened at the ‘real world’ around us. Thank goodness for treasures like Lucy from Capture by Lucy who happily showed us her behind-the-scenes truth in Real Life vs Insta Life (but, for the record, she’s absolutely the definition of #housegoals regardless!)

Lastly, Colette from Going On An Adventure has shared four fabulous posts chock-full of useful tips on how to get going on ‘the gram’ with her list of hashtags being my most-visited. If you’re looking to boost your reach and engagement then it’s certainly a great place to begin. 


Have you seen our latest #SnapHappyBritMums photo prompts for May? I’ll admit that I’m terrible at these sorts of things but I’m determined to give it a go this time round. Will you be joining me? 

All you need to do to get involved is post a daily photo with your interpretation of the theme provided. Remember to use the hashtag above when posting so that you’ll pop up as we’re browsing through.


If you adore Instagram as much as I do then you might find yourself writing a regular round-up of your own focussing on your favourite feeds. This is something that I started myself recently and I’ve seen a couple of similar posts including a chatty vlog with some brilliant parent blogger recommendations from Jade at Late For Reality.

Another great idea from Pamela at Life With Munchers is to dedicate a post to your ‘monthly crush’ sharing why you’re drawn to their images and/or aesthetic or you could remind your followers of your own successes like Jo from Organised by Jo.


Have you heard the horror stories about shadowbanning? It seems quite cryptic but Francesca from My Life In Rosetinted Glasses has all of the details about shadowbans to help you try to keep your account in good order.


The varying ways of growing your Instagram following is quite the topic of conversation at the moment isn’t it? There’s no doubt that the platform is a hard one to crack and we all do things differently based on our long-term goals and what suits us and our audience.

Samantha from Coco Butter Blog recently shared some tips for growing your Instagram feed organically whilst Instagram gurus Emily Quinton and Stef Lewandowski stood in front of the camera to explain why they’re not a fan of comment pods.

What are your thoughts? Do you utilise these tools or are they not for you?  


It’s official. Spring has well and truly arrived and parents are flocking to bluebell fields to snap some gorgeous shots of their little ones amongst the pretty flowers.

Come on, as if you seriously thought that I wasn't going to join in with the cliche insta mummy bluebell shots 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 Next to tick off the list is the cliche insta mummy rapeseed field shot ✔️ I almost died while trying to get this photo 🤦🏻‍♀️the bluebells were up a very steep hill and I ain't a steep hill kinda person 🙅🏻I actually bum shuffled for part of it because I am too unsteady on my feet 😂 ripped a hole in my flipping trousers too 🙈 Thankfully daddy was on hand to carry Aria and no damage was done to her and her awesome dress from @Rococlothing 💪🏻well done daddy 🤛🏻👏🏻 – #ad #ThisMamaLoves #DailyParenting #meandmineproject #littlestoriesofmylife #illuminatechildhood  #lifecloseup  #littleandbrave #LittleFierceOnes  #motherslove #nothingisordinary #OurEverydayMoments #themagicineveryday #livebeautifully #noordinarykids #curiouslittleexplorers #developinglife #mytinymoments #letthembelittle #cameramama #dailyparenting #documentyourdays #myfamilyadventures #kidsoftheoutdoors #wanderlustkids #UKExplore #wildandfreechildren #MyTrendyTot #whatevertheweatherkids #pinklinker

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If you’re looking to have your own little photo shoot then the National Trust website has a handy guide for finding your nearest bluebell woods.

We happened upon our own by mistake recently on an imprompt trip to Ruffold Old Hall in Merseyside and I was so pleased that I’d packed my camera! We didn’t leave the gardens for almost 2 hours and I’m over the moon with the photos I managed to capture of our little girl. I’m really excited to get them printed and framed in our sitting room.

That’s everything from me this time around but do go back through our round-up archives for more inspiration, advice and ways to get involved with the various Instagram communities.

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