Importance of community by Etsy seller Maggie Simak

ZukrBoutique_kitchenZukr Boutique was founded by Edinburgh based, husband and wife team David and Maggie. Sweet match from Auld Reekie! Combining David’s pastry chef skills with Maggie’s love of design and photography, their irresistible range of marshmallows, lollipops, pate de fruit and more are lovingly handmade with a strong signature style. Zukr Boutique has quickly became known for originality, quality of ingredients and artisan work. Facebook: Twitter: @zukrboutique

Why community is so important

Talking to mothers running their own business, we so often hear that having a community to turn to is invaluable to their success and wellbeing. Working from home, alone, can feel isolating at times. Joining a community on social media and social platforms like Etsy can be a great way to connect to like minded people, fellow mums and business-owners, and provides a safe place to share your experiences, build friendships, and show the world that you sell a beautiful product.

Would you recommend other mums and Etsy sellers join an Etsy team?

Absolutely, getting started on Etsy was great for me with one and two year olds back when we started three years ago. The sense of having a worldwide community was inspiring, with a focus on business that provided purpose beyond all the washing and cleaning that came with caring for the babies and the house.

Zukr Boutique_sweet

What do you think are the main benefits of getting involved in an Etsy Team?

I love Etsy. To this day I think it’s the most people-friendly platform out there. If you’re truly determined, you can grow your business from scratch just like us! Etsy has played a huge part in Zukr’s growth over time.

How has the Etsy community contributed to the success of your shop?

It’s definitely not just about the money. It’s also about confidence, believing in what you make is vital in order to make it a success. The Etsy community gets the word out for you if you are willing to work hard. For example, after being highlighted as a Featured Seller, the confectionery team at Selfridge & Co. noticed us and we are now supplying them with our marshmallows under their own label.

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Can you tell us about any personal connections you have made via Etsy Teams?

I chat with a few mums from all over the world. We send each other photos of our kids (and the messes they make) and just have general laughs about the joys of motherhood. I’ve had some absolutely hilarious message exchanges with women from Treasury-making teams.

Have you had the opportunity to help another Etsy seller grow their business?

Nila Holden, a biscuit maker on Etsy, approached us last year with questions about setting up her own shop. We keep in touch through social networks and I think she’s doing quite well.

Ready to connect with your peers?

Perhaps you want to get some feedback from like-minded folks on your pitch. That is possible! On Etsy we have created a special team for parents participating in #ProjectNewYear. Go to team Mother’s Finest and meet moms and dads with entrepreneurial ideas just like you. If you’re ready to open your shop right now, Etsy and Brit Mums are offering a promotion to give first time sellers a helping hand. Click on the link below to receive your first 20 shop listings free. You can open a shop on — the online marketplace for handmade and vintage products — and sell what you make or collect to millions of people around the world.

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