How To’s Round-up: Winning at family life

How To's Round-upWith Summer now over and the colder/wet weather upon us, you won’t have failed to notice the darker evenings creeping in and the need for our coats a most on many days. 

We are all now debating when to turn on the heating or to just grab an extra blanket and with the children back in school you’ll be wanting to spend as much time with them as possible instead of cooking, cleaning and preparing meals.

So I now turn you over to some of our wonderful bloggers to share how they are currently winning at family life with their time saving tips, hacks, tips, tricks and even recipes.

Home life

Nadia has a tongue in cheek post about making for an easier life which will have you giggling away, and possibly like me nodding at a few of the tricks you’ve done yourself. Natalie has even divorced Facebook in a bid to reclaim back some time. 


Wendy shares 10 ways to be more organised, something I really need to re-read and make notes on I think, and you’ll love this post on the importance of a weekly schedule with a free printable to help organise you from Annastasia. Katy also shares how she gets herself organised so as to fit everything into her day. 

Nicole shares tips on how to work from home when you have children.

Sorting the kids

Do your kids have lots of toys? Mine certainly do. Eva shares a post on why having less toys is good for children, while Becka shares some tooth brushing tips to help us avoid those morning dramas which make us late for school. 

Rebecca shares with us how to be ready for school on time without the stress – something which I’m sure we are all struggling with currently and Jo shares how to get to work on time with more than one child. 

Keeping fit

Every tried to workout with a toddler in tow? It’s almost a workout in itself trying not to step on them or get them off your back while attempting a press-up but if you still have the energy left after that then Laura shares her tips on working out with a toddler around. 


While takeaways also seem like a time saving ideal, they are rather expensive. You could cheat and use my recipe for a Fakeaway Doner Kebab which is cooked in the slow cooker or if takeaways aren’t your thing then Jen shares a huge resource of slow cooker meals which are great for saving time and are also slimming world friendly. 


What are your best advice tips for winning at family life and saving time and your sanity?


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