How To’s Round-up: Making Twitter work for you

How To's Round-upWelcome to this brand new monthly round-up, regular readers of these posts will notice I used to write the Blogging Tips round-up posts however it was time for a little change and there are only so many tips out there which bloggers are sharing/writing about – with this new round-up topic I can now share with you those tips still as well as a few other themes over the coming months.

This month I am sharing with you some Twitter tips which are helpful to us bloggers.

I personally have a love/hate relationship with Twitter, it was a platform I joined not knowing what to do – threw myself into blindly and hoped for the best. While this does work to some extent it can be hard to be seen amongst the sea of others out there but with a little invested time and effort it can be easy to make changes which will not only help you to become visible but to drive traffic to your blog too.

One thing to remember is that Twitter is a SOCIAL MEDIA platform and while you can use it get your blog post links out there being social is key, interact with people, Retweet (RT) their posts, join in with a conversation, check out the hashtags and join in.

One of the ways of keeping up with a select group on Twitter is to create Twitter lists. You can use these to filter out your feed to perhaps brands, family members, friends, your favourite bloggers, local groups etc. – this means you can select that list and see only posts from those people you’ve added. To talk you through this process check out Nickie’s post on Geekalicious.

Twitter chats are a great way to interact with likeminded people too, there are loads out there it’s just a case of finding one which suits you and joining in as much or as little as you like during the time period of that chat, usually an hour – the hosts will often throw out questions so you can join in and of course you can then interact with the others joining in. These can be fast paced but great fun – Me & B make tea has a post sharing her tips and tricks for Twitter chats here.

How to grow your twitter followers is often a hot topic so do read these posts from The Mum Reviews and Motherhood: The Real Deal who share their tips.

You’ll also want to make sure your posts are seen by your readers: write a blog post/a review then tag in the company, been to the theatre or even a local even and written about it then tag them into your tweet – hopefully they will then share it with their followers. Pictures speak a thousand words….with only 140 characters available make yourself seen by sharing a pretty picture to accompany your links – these are just a few tips, for more tips for bloggers Aby has a list of 13 things which can help as can this post from 3 Little Buttons on making your blog posts more shareable on Twitter.

I’ll now leave you with a post on how many Twitterers it takes to change a light bulb, just because!


As always, if you have a blog post you would like to share with me for these round-ups then do tweet them to me @emmys_mummy.


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