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How to overcome the most common sleeping problems while pregnant

How to overcome the most common sleeping problems while pregnant

Pregnancy sleeping

Whether you’re waking up to go for yet another toilet break, or whether you just cannot get comfortable due to back and hip pain, there are plenty of reasons expectant mothers have for not being able to get the perfect snooze. Sleep expert at Happy Beds, Joy Richards knows all too well about pregnancy sleeping experiences as she is mother to three boys. Here she shares some sleep tips…

If you have first-hand experience of trying to get to sleep while pregnant, then you’ll know what an absolute nightmare it can be – pardon the pun. A recent pregnancy study by UK bed and mattress retailer, Happy Beds, has discovered some of the main reasons expectant mothers stay awake at night or struggle getting to sleep in the first place. Here are some of the most common problems, and potential ways to fix these.

Happy Beds sleeping problems survey

Experience Sore Hips and Back
The best way to deal with this is to completely change your mattress. It sounds a little extreme but in the same study, over half of the participants believed that swapping their older mattress for a pregnant-lady-friendly mattress would have massively helped them. In my experience a memory foam mattress would be ideal, as it will support your back throughout the pregnancy.

Kept Awake by Partner’s Snoring
Your partner’s snoring may have once not bothered you, but now it may be the reason that you’re not getting a great sleep. Other than the obvious earplugs that may be worth giving a go, try going to bed a little earlier than your partner to ensure that you avoid trying to get to sleep while they are in a deep snooze already.

Morning Sickness at Night
Fun fact; morning sickness isn’t always in the morning, so why call it that? Plenty of mothers suffer from morning sickness at bed time, which really isn’t ideal. Incorporating ginger into your day is said to be a great remedy for ‘morning’ sickness as well as getting fresh air – so maybe keep that bedroom window open during the night.

Struggling to Turn Over
You’re not as light as you used to be and turning around will no longer feel natural. Finding the perfect position to sleep in while pregnant can prove to be a bit of a chore depending on what trimester you’re in. There are plenty of YouTube videos, such as this one, that show you an easier way to turn around while lying in your bed.

Odd Dreams
If you have a dream while pregnant then the chances are that they can be slightly weirder than normal; dreaming about forgetting about your baby, dreaming about the local seaside or dreaming about travelling somewhere nice.

There isn’t really a cure for having nightmares or exciting dreams, but what you shouldn’t do is worry about them. You can check out what your pregnancy dreams mean here.

Did you have unusual dreams whilst pregnant? Or have any sleep tips to share – let us know in the comments!


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