How to do an Easter Egg Hunt

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Easter is almost here and with it comes the great tradition of doing an Easter egg hunt!

When my children were smaller, I would enjoy planting mini wrapped chocolate eggs all over the house and garden – sometimes we were on holiday at Easter – I remember staging an Easter egg hunt in a Butlins chalet once! But the tradition was that every year my kids would receive a small basket or bucket to put their finds in and I’d let them run loose to discover what I’d hidden a few hours before!

Every family has their traditions and we all do Easter egg hunts differently, so I asked some of our BritMums writers for their tips on running the perfect Easter egg hunt!

My own best tip would be to place two mini eggs in each location (or however many children you have – I have two) so that when one child discovers the egg, there is a treat there for both of them. This keeps it ‘fair’. Have a look at the tips below for handy hints from other experienced mums!

  • Leave fun clues written on little cardboard eggs around the house or garden and allow the kids to try and solve them before they find the actual eggs – Sarah Stockley, Kippers and Curtains
  • Ours are just hidden by the Easter bunny and searched for with a collection basket. Bunny likes to bring crafty Easter themed things to make too and something nature inspired. We also searched for shark egg cases at the beach last year.- Lucy Anne Brown, Kids of the Wild
  • Make the clues rhyme so that they are catchy and fun to read – you can visit rhyming websites to help you write them. Also, for older kids, they could collect letters that end up spelling out a word of where the chocolate eggs are hidden (an anagram) …just to make it a bit trickier for them! – Lauretta Wright, Home and Horizon
  • Give each child a colour so they only have to find eggs of that colour that way they get to keep what they find and its harder to look for just their colours – Katie Davis, Mummy in a Tutu
  • Agree with the children before they start to split the eggs found equally otherwise one child will have a basket full, leaving others with only a few – Clare Nicholas, This Mummy’s Always Write
  • Make an Easter bonnet to wear while you hunt! – Julie Wigg, Pondering Parenthood

Do you have any great tips for organising an Easter Egg Hunt? Share with us in the comments!

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