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I thought I would try something a little different this month, and include some of the places that inspire interior bloggers.  Because not only do we want to see the makeover that you are doing, but learning all the cool places people get inspired and buy things for their home. I’ve found some gorgeous ones, that hope will give you a little inspiration for your home.

OK, so starting off with Kate from Fabric Of My Life blog.  She’s been raving about Future and Found which has just been expanded to the next building.

“creating a veritable playground of stylish design finds interspersed with an urban jungle of luscious houseplants, with a super-cute piaggio coffee scooter painted in their trademark coral in the courtyard.”

I’m loving the gorgeous minimalist monochrome pieces, with the odd pops of colour scattered around, it’s definitely somewhere to visit if you are ever in north London. 

Next up is Old Fashioned Susie, and her blog about where she has been getting hallway inspiration for her new floor covering there. I am loving the gorgeous tiles of the Winter Garden at Refuge that Susie shared. I can’t wait to see her finished floor.

Or how about this from Carole from Mademoiselle Poirot who after coming back from a retreat in Portugal shared the house that she stayed in.  Oh my goodness the simple but beautiful interior, natural, rustic and styled effortlessly. Perfect inspiration found in everything from the wood and seed heads in vases, the woven baskets used for the bread even the witches brooms, I couldn’t get enough of it!

Or how about Geraldine from Little Big Bell, who shares IKEA old and new from her visit to Sweden.  The mid-century vibe was strong people….STRONG! 

Finishing off this months round-up is this from my own blog, and some new window blinds and Stephanie at Renovation Bay-Bee fab post, because who doesn’t love an IKEA hack, hey! The IKEA EKBY ALEX shelf was used as the dressing table, with EKBY LERBERG brackets in grey as support. Perfect for a small space and budget.


See you all next month!



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