Health round-up: Diabetes, hyperemesis gravidarum and Christmas wishes


health round upAs 2012 – the Jubilee year with a phenomenal summer of sport – draws to an end, we have another Royal celebration to look forward to next year…the birth of a Royal baby! Of course, pregnancy isn’t always easy and, as parents, I am sure we all sympathise with HRH The Duchess of Cambridge who was admitted to hospital recently with hyperemesis gravidarum (sounds like a Harry Potter spell doesn’t it?!!).

Someone who knows exactly what Kate must be going through is Rebecca from Here Comes The Girls. She has written an open letter to the newly pregnant Windsor on the truth about hyperemesis gravidarum based on her own experience of the condition during her twin pregnancy.

And talking about pregnant ladies needing medical attention, spare a thought for Expat Mammy over at Expatbabyadventures who has just this week been admitted to hospital after a fainting spell. As of last week, my blogger friend turned real-life chum, Otilia (who blogs as Romanian Mum) was also still in hospital following the birth of her second child (so if you haven’t offered your congratulations yet, go do it now!). Here’s hoping both women will be back on their feet and at home soon.

One mum who I’m sure is looking forward to seeing the back of hospitals this Christmas is Laura who writes over at Tired Mummy of Two. As I’m sure you all know, her daughter was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia earlier this year, which signalled the beginning of tests, treatments and hospital stays. Thankfully, the family is looking forward to a very exciting Christmas after Laura’s daughter wish to spend Christmas at Butlins was granted by the Starlight Foundation.

Meanwhile, Jane (AKA Northern Mum) is looking forward to a better 2013. She freely admits that 2012 has been her annus horrilis, having had to deal with one daughter in spica and then discovering that her other daughter has diabetes. Jane has written a few posts about DDH and diabetes but you should definitely read her recently written letter to her diabetic daughter. A tribute to the courageousness of children.

Another lady with a diabetic child is Her Melness. She’s written a very informative post about diabetes; what it is, the symptoms, the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. She very articulately lays out her family’s history of the condition and how it is only one thing that can define us.

So that’s it, my last health round-up of 2012. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them and see you in 2013! Wishing you all health, wealth and happiness for another year – Merry Christmas!

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