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‘Tis the season to be jolly! But this does not mean that healthy eating has to go out of the window. We all seem to follow healthy eating plans throughout the year only to see them vanish once December arrives. The shops are full of tempting Christmas treats, special offers that encourage us even more and before we know it all of the hard work throughout the year has been undone.

But not this year! 

There are a few little changes that you can make that will help to keep you on track. A few simple swaps that will keep your food delicious but remain healthy!

Back to Basics

When cooking and preparing your own meals you control what goes into the dish. When buying pre prepared meals you lose that control and unknowingly end up consuming more calories, fats, sugars and unknown ingredients. When you take your cooking back to basics you have the power to limit the ingredients that are not too good and counterbalance them with healthier foods.

Love your Veg

When dishing up your meals pile it high with delicious vegetables. Vegetables are not only full of nutritional goodness they are also such a versatile ingredient. They can be mixed together, given added flavour with herbs or spices and even blended up into a warming soup.

Marvellous Mains

Whether your main course centre piece is a traditional roast turkey, a tasty fish dish or a vegetarian delight you do not need to worry. By removing any visible fats you can feast on these high protein main attractions.

Satisfying Sides

Just because you are eating healthily it does not mean that you have to deprive yourself. Enjoy the side dishes that we all love, whether they are pigs in blankets, stuffing or cranberry sauce just remember to not over indulge. Limit the amount that you put on your plate and most importantly enjoy them!

Pleasing Puds

No Christmas dinner is complete without a pudding! Pudding can be anything from a traditional Christmas pudding to a fresh fruit salad, from a trifle to a panna cotta. When it comes to puddings just limit the amount that you have after all Christmas only comes around once a year!

Simple Swaps

It is incredible how a few simple swaps can make a big difference. When using dairy products go for low-fat or fat-free alternatives, use a low-fat spray oil for cooking, change high sugar fizzy drinks for diet, sugar-free ones and go for fresh ingredients before pre prepared ones.


We all love a drink at Christmas and we all know it is not good for us. Enjoy a drink over Christmas but limit the amount that you have. You will still have a great time plus you will certainly feel a lot better the following day!

Naughty Nibbles

There always seems to be an abundance of nibbles and picky food over the festive season. But who says that the nibbles need to be unhealthy? Add some crunchy crudités and a dip, fresh fruit such as clementines, cherries or grapes.

By following these easy tips it is possible to have a very merry but healthy Christmas. Food is a big part of Christmas but being with the people who you love is an even bigger part. Make it a day that counts and enjoy!

Kirsty Phillipson-Lowe is the BritMums Baking Round-up Editor.

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