Happiness Round-up: It’s all about the yes moments

Happiness Round-up

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I love those ‘yes’ moments. You know the ones I mean. They leave you with that fizzy feeling in the pit of your stomach and a smile that would give a rainbow a run for its money. Ah, there you go, I bet you are thinking of a moment right this second. They are great aren’t they?

We recently had a huge moment when our 4 year old daughter conquered her fear of escalators. I squealed, I whooped, and high fived invisible people as by standers looked on with puzzled ‘is she mad’ looks on their faces. Did I care? No way! Because these are the glittery happies that we will remember forever.


Here are a collection of some of my favourite ‘yes’ moments this month.


Rainbows Are Too Beautiful: How My Autistic Son Says He Is Already Like A Power Ranger

Did you know that the new Power Rangers now have an autistic member in their team! It’s a huge breakthrough. The twinkly moment came when this mum’s son revealed that actually, he’s already like the Power Rangers. Being brave, strong and wanting to help and protect people are just a few qualities that he listed. Knowing that your little one feels so positive about themselves is most definitely a top ‘yes’ moment.



Talking Mums: A Proud Performance

First moments are extra special. Sometimes even more so when a little one has to overcome wibbly wobbly nerves to achieve something they have been working so hard on. This is such a lovely ‘proud parent’ read that I know you will all relate to.



LesBeMums: A Proud Moment As A Same Sex Family

More often than not we can find our ‘yes’ moments in the little things. It’s easy to forget that one person’s everyday little happies can be another’s humongous victory. This post from LesBeMums really touched me and I cheered along when I found out just what had made their hearts melt.   



A Mum Track Mind: It’s Time For A Change

It’s not just the littles that have been in the limelight with their ‘yes’ moments this month. It’s us parents too. Do you ever wonder why you do something, but then carry on anyway? Well not Fi from A Mum Track Mind. She took a pause from blogging and made a little change, because happiness is everything in life and success can’t always be measured by stats.



Four Princesses and The Cheese: The Brighter Side Of Bad Me

We know that change can be a good thing, but just as equally, accepting who you are and finding the good in what’s already there can be just as important. I had to share this hilarious post with you because underneath all the tongue-and-cheek the message is clear and simple. You are good enough.



Honest Mum: #Proudinmybikini In Portugal & Learning To Love My Post-Birth Body

My favourite post this month comes from Vicki from Honest Mum who shares her thoughts on being positive about her post-birth body. She is truly inspiring, and whilst not all of us will be reaching for our bikinis, hopefully we will feel that much happier about accepting our tiger stripes.  



Thanks for joining us for this month’s BritMums Happiness Round-up. If you would like to share a post for consideration, please email me at [email protected] or pop along to link up to the #DreamTeam linky which runs every Tuesday.


See you soon.

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