Happiness Round-up: A slice of sunshine

Happiness Round-up

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Hello everyone and welcome to the first ever BritMums happiness round-up post. I can’t quite believe that I am writing this… but I am! The happiness round-up is a brilliant new category that we hope will leave you beaming from ear-to-ear and itching to go grab your own slices of sunshine.


We have high hopes for gathering up some of the most talented parenting bloggers each month to showcase the very best feel-good, happy posts out there in the blogosphere. No matter how big or small, as I like to say over on 3 Little Buttons: it’s all about dreaming big and making the most of the little things.


As this is the first ever happiness round-up (is it weird that I like saying that?) this month I thought it would be a great idea to start off by introducing the category with a sprinkling of top finds.


Happiness is your first time.

There’s nothing like seeing your little one accomplish something for the first time. Its heart melting… but what about heart stopping when it’s your tiny tot giving skiing a bit of a whirl! I take my hat off to Emma from Little Oat Tree for taking her daughter up on the slopes. What an experience.

It’s not just the littles that have been enjoying firsts this month though. Mama, Eden & Me only got to hang out with Broadway superstar Eden Espinosa for a catch up and coffee, whilst little Eden met the lovely lady she was named after for the very first time.

Photo credit Annette Demetriou

Photo credit Annette Demetriou

Happiness is the little moments.

Sometimes it can be as simple as hearing the words you’ve got this from a stranger as Katie from The Squirmy Popple found out. Then, when you least expect it, a little moment will make your heart burst into a million pieces of joy, like Clare from Neon Rainbow Blog when she got hugs for the first time from her little man.


Happiness is taking time to give yourself a pat on the back, because you absolutely deserve it.

The #RockingMotherhood tag has taken the net by storm as mums like Nicola from All Things Spliced have shouted from the rooftops about their parenting wins. The tag was originally brought to life by Patricia from White Camellias who believes that we should be “proud for all the little things we do right, day after day” and I couldn’t agree more.

Aby from You Baby Me Mummy also reminds us that we need to remember the goodies that have happened to us and making a list like this is the perfect way to keep track.


Happiness is our family.

There is nothing like a big family squeeze to bring out the best in us. The strength of a sibling bond that Tracey from Mummy Shire can see blossoming in her little ones brings happiness and joy all round. Then sometimes, if we are lucky, an unexpected change of plans can bring a new opportunity of doing nothing, yet everything as Nicole from Tales from Mamaville explains.


Finally, happiness is a new venture.

It can be that little step towards making a big difference not only to our own life, but even to the wider community. I did a little happy dance for Kate from Family Fever when she shared her big news on gaining a university place to send her on the way to becoming a midwife. Well done Kate! It just goes to show how important it is to get out there and make things happen!

New ventures can also come from taking a step back to regain our happiness. It took courage for Bridget from Bridie by the sea to realise my job has flex… but it’s not working.


Thanks for joining us for the first ever BritMums Happiness Round-up. If you would like to share a post for consideration, please email me at [email protected] or pop along to link up to the #DreamTeam linky which runs every Tuesday.

See you there.

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  1. 18 March 2017 / 18:10

    Love this and I think it’s such a great idea for a new round-up. I love a blog that brings all the happies and can’t think of anyone better that the lovely Annette to bring us a dose of sunshine each month!

  2. 19 March 2017 / 22:39

    What a lovely bunch of Happiness, right there!
    Thanks so much for including me *blushes* and what a happy collective of posts.

    Have a lovely week