Good Reads February 2015

good readsDespite February being absurdly cold at points I feel Spring may be on the horizon. There are snowdrops in the chicken pen and the daffodils are beginning to poke through up in the woods, reminding me that Mother’s Day isn’t too far in the future.

But before Spring is officially here; now that you have dusted and laundered and put the house back together after half-term, I advise you to treat yourself to an extra 30 minutes of Me Time, nay more if you have the opportunity. Put your feet up, switch your phone to vibrate and check out this collection of posts from across the internet in the past thirty days or so.

In first, shared via Kate Takes 5, Eva Wiseman writing for The Guardian on the seismic changes of having a baby. She used the word seismic. I love her.

 Those of us still persevering with Facebook pages may find this post from Weston Communications useful: a huge opportunity to drive organic traffic to your blog from Facebook.

Since gone viral, this post by So Bad Ass Me is a lesson in not judging people by their looks.

The Reading Residence begs Bring Back Bedtime Story time.
Se7en Hoods shared a post on how people you will never have heard of are the most powerful users on Pinterest.

Stressy Mummy tells us to expect the unexpected.

For Merry and Jennie and Dawn, all of whom are mothers to children who did not stay, Still Standing Mag has a post entitled What About the Mom Whose Baby Died.

An Open Letter to My Daughter is written by Kate for

3 Children and It says parenting is a thankless task. Shared by Actually Mummy.

Write Like No-one’s Watching talks Stepdads

OffCumDen has worked out the worst thing about YouTube.

Night of the Living Dad explains why he didn’t vaccinate his children.

Actually Mummy tells Colleen Nolan the truth about Diabetes.

Sticky Fingers Blog asks if we are letting our children play enough.

Mums The Word describes what a homeless person looks like.

Mother’s Ramblings shared a Guardian list of books for reluctant and dyslexic readers.

Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three has begun The Countdown.

In The Independent you can read why little girls dressing up like Elsa are the future of Feminism.

Makezine shares the story of internet sensation Tree Change Dolls who gives dolls make-unders.

Mums Do Travel gives the international perspective on taking holidays in term time.

Me and My Shadow shared a post from Capture By Lucy on Real Life versus Insta Life. Mine are the same. Turns out I’ve been doing it all wrong 🙂

And I made a Floral Monogram from a cardboard box, and recreated our first date with our children. 


And that about wraps it up. Hopefully by the time comes around for Good Reads March the last of the Winter Blues will be a long-forgotten memory, there will be sunshine in our lives and hearts and everything will seem a little better. Don;t forget if you come across a Good Read, share it with me @domesticgoddesq on twitter.

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