40 ways to have family fun on a cruise

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How does your family have fun on holiday?

Are you sun-seekers who love getting out in the sunshine? Thrill-seekers who love waterslides and water sports? Food-seekers hungry for local cuisine and tempting treats?

Our #CarnivalFamilies Twitter party was a chance to tell us about what kind of fun-seeking family you are.

  • Fun-seeker – with your whole holiday centred around lively good times
  • Sun-seeker – who loves relaxing by the sea, spending time in the pool and on the lounger
  • Thrill-seeker – an adrenaline junkie, seeking out water slides and water sports
  • Food-seeker – eating and drinking everything from gourmet burgers to mocktails and cocktails
  • Chill-seeker – who want to chill as a family and simply be together

The #CarnivalFamilies Twitter party was sponsored by Carnival Cruise Lines. Carnival has on board activities and shore excursions that suit every type of fun-seeking family. Cruises can be for anyone, no matter what type of fun-seeking family you are.

Carnival is now looking for the top fun-seeking families. Follow Carnival Cruise Lines on Twitter and on Facebook to keep up with news of the fun-seeking families search. Check out the Carnival site to see more of the fun-seeking activities your family could get up to onboard and on shore excursions.

Lisa Williams tweeting about cruisesCruising plans

Off to dream of a family cruise. I’m ready now to convince hubby http://t.co/A8uNto8ROV @pinkwinkgirly

Thanks for a great Twitter party! I am now dreaming of a cruise somewhere warm! @hedobaby

We love foreign cultures & places off the beaten track. A Carnival cruise sounds perfect http://t.co/Qn6SL3RGHX @inverleny

Never thought cruises were family friendly. I was wrong @domesticgoddesq

Awesome adventures

Imagine the adventures you could have in Athens amongst all those ancient sites @susie21

I’ve always wanted to do Mexico, Cuba (for the dancing), Canada @ETusty

We’re the adventurous type…love to explore…even to find those hidden gems on board too! @Iunra

Food glorious food

Foodie seeker me would be trying the restaurants and eateries on board and off. I’d have to try something from each country @Maris_World

We have also found dining fantastic on cruises, always something to suit the most fussy of eaters @Lkash20

I’m a foodie seeker, cooking on holiday is a no, no! I want to try as much of the different cuisines as possible @CorneliusBlog

Kids’ experiences on a cruise

Mine love making new friends. The kids clubs would be perfect @eightinthebed

Didn’t realise there was so much choice! Nice to have the childcare option too for a little together time @The_Doves

A posh dinner for hubby and me whilst kids are at Camp Carnival Night Owls @Swimstar2000

4×4 for us. My boys are cars mad @Bubbly_Fo

A sun lounger, a book, and a pool for the kids. As long as my son has fun, that’s all that matters @cupcayke_lufc

Variety is the spice of life

I’d most enjoy the sheer variety of things to do – something new every day @jpapworth

A mix of good old fashioned fun mixed with adventure. Creating games out of fun around us and losing ourselves @maxandmummyblog

I like to explore whilst my 3 year old and hubby want thrills. Water slides, rides etc @mumthatsme

A Modern Mother family on zipwireThrill seeking

I think I might be swung to be a thrill seeker, with a little sandy beach thrown in! @thesoupdragon44

We went on an off-road jeep safari. That was pretty awesome, I did fear for our lives at times! @twirlyswirl79

I’ve done parachute jump, paragliding and OH likes jet skis so maybe there’s a bit of thrill seeker in there? @missielizzieb

The crystal cave tubing and zip wire [excursions] sounds awesome! @mumthatsme

Hubby and elder sons go for full on thrills. Me and my 2-year-old twinkles like laughs and giggles kind of thrills @eightinthebed

Here’s our zip wire pic! http://t.co/5uPyeKWzZz @AModernMother

We are definitely thrill seekers! If there’s a water slide, we’re there @DowseKatie

Fun-seeking families

[We love] Hanging out together, doing activities @x_itsonlyme_x

Family time is definitely important. I love a sun lounger too! Love the variety on the cruises @mumthatsme

We go swimming, play games, visit attractions, visit the beach and having fun family time @Beckymercer16

My toddler adores sea life so the aquarium is a regular haunt of ours http://t.co/AMObTz74KI

Another big surprise for me on the Carnival cruise: the high quality of stage shows. Really love them! @JHowze

pool and swimmingSun-seeking fun

We love the beach as there is so much to do. Sandcastles are a firm favourite and so is paddling @meisafairy

We found with our toddler the little things mean more, like taking a net to sift sand @meisafairy

It would definitely be the pool and slides for me and my son. http://t.co/clmtZyHtGU @pinkwithgirly

The simple pleasures…sun on our backs, a pool to play in together and lots of giggles. That’s our ideal type of holiday @wouldliketobe

Playing and having fun in a swimming pool under the warmth of the sun…bliss @vickyandmick

Tips for cruising

Holiday is YOUR break so get your feet up and relax @cupcayke_lufc

Tell [your husband] night nursery runs till midnight… You’ll get 7 or 14 nights’ worth of date nights! @JuggleMumBlog

Don’t take too much on a cruise – there is everything you need on board! @globalmouse

Time for another holiday

When you need a holiday to recover from your holiday it’s a success in my books @maxandmummyblog

Our holiday motto is that if you don’t go home more tired than when you left, it’s not been a good holiday @domestigoddes1

Take our quick poll to tell us what type of fun-seeking family you have.



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  1. 18 May 2015 / 12:53

    gutted that I missed the twitter party as I’ve been on the Carnival website all weekend!

  2. 18 May 2015 / 13:25

    Thanks for using my tip (@JuggleMumBlog).
    We love cruising as a family and think it is such a stress free way to travel. I’d love to do more blog posts packed with tips for first time cruisers, to add to the ones I have done!
    Great Twitter party – it was fun.

  3. 20 May 2015 / 22:18

    I had been browsing holidays for weeks and went on Twitter just in time to join in. Thanks for including me x