How are you a Football Mum of the Year?

As a nation we love football. As parents we support our children playing football in all kinds of ways.  @chrismse1 describes how we do it: “Stand in the cold and wet, drive for miles every weekend and cheer from the sidelines”. At our #FootballMumoftheYear Twitter party we celebrated all the ways we mums help and support kids playing football.

The Twitter party was sponsored by McDonald’s and its Football Mum of the Year Award, for which nominations are now open. The award celebrates all the things ordinary mums do or have done in supporting their little football players. A Mum of the Year will be awarded in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, with all four winners attending a ceremony at Wembley Stadium in August where the overall UK winner will be announced. They will be presented with their award by columnist, fashion designer and mum-of-two Coleen Rooney.

Visit to nominate the Football Mum you know who deserves recognition. Nominate now!

Here are your stories of what it takes to be a football mum (and sometimes what it doesn’t!).

football goal at home tweetFooty support at home

We just love football here. We all support different teams but all love playing together @sayhelloflo

We’re in the garden at 7am, practising shooting and keepy uppys before school! @SuperLuckyDi

I think all kids would love a bigger garden, and ours is pretty big! @thesoupdragon44

First football goal home made in the garden and still used now. @vickyandmick

My Chelsea son had his first kit at an early age! @LuckySammystarr

Vicky Varley Football Mum of the YearInspired by watching professional football

Taking them to see matches is good. It doesn’t have to be expensive ones but it does inspire them. @stressymummy

Joining a team’s junior supporters club is cheap (or free!) – take them to fun days, events and matches! @SuperLuckyDi

Have been meaning to get to see @HullunitedAfc. They gave free passes to all local kids @LindseyinHul

When watching the Villa we have to go early so DYL can see the team bus arriving and the players. That is dedication @emmaand3

My eldest supports Liverpool but likes going to any match so I take him to Leicester, Forest and Derby @sayhelloflo

Giving a helping hand

I love helping with my son’s team ! Feel like I’m playing more of a part! Not just getting rained on. @dottyrose45

My 5yo is football crazy! I see it as a great way for ME to keep fit too – more mums should get stuck in! @SuperLuckyDi

Feeling proud of our little footballers

My son has just started football club at school. Watching him give it 100% makes me so proud! @mariajkknight

Here’s my girl in action… so proud of her xx @LucieAutismMu

My Daughter is the only girl on the team. Proud. @lillyfer85

My boy 3 years ago in his 1st kit @vickyandmickMy 7 year old has been asked to take part in a Football Tournament for the 150th May Festival at school. Very proud! @CarlaRTOATSblog

My Little footballer in the making. @mineandmeblog

Just a few of my sons favourite trophies and medals @dottyrose45

Conor has played for years and my little girl is now playing. Connor was Player of the Year.

Celebrate the football mum you are!

Leave a comment telling us the things you do as a football mum. And do visit to nominate the Football Mum you know who deserves recognition.

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