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hello its gemmaWhat do you do when you can’t write?

I stayed up too late on Pinterest, clearly in another life that might say “I was at the screening of this incredible independent film – so much to debate afterwards…” except the truth is, I stayed up too late on Pinterest again, because getting lost in Pinterest, is fascinating and pretty.

I completely appreciate that my non-social media friends find this statement odd but there you go, one day they might want a DIY copper look plant holder and then they will be thanking me. In the meantime, I am over-tired and screen weary. It really isn’t a good idea to stare intently at a blue screen until late in the evening, I know this from numerous Facebook links about getting a better night’s sleep.

The up-shot is that I’m struggling to write. Now, I usually have at least a couple of themes for posts, as I do with my blog, there is the collection of half-finished posts in drafts and a back-burner of post ideas that exist in a notebook. I’ve tried and failed to use apps, it works best for me pen to paper, even if sometimes I can’t read my own writing or the amazing one word of inspiration that occurred just before I fell asleep and no longer makes any sense what so ever.

Increasingly, editorial schedules are becoming a blogging “thing”. An editorial schedule is a calendar of planned posts, ideas, themes, great for staying focussed and on-top of blogging commitments and ideals. I’ve used a paper one to plan a particularly active month of blogging and writing and to be honest, it was great. Because, and here is more honesty, this month’s BritMum’s post sort of crept up on me after a busy few weeks and suddenly there it was. It needed organising and I wasn’t organised and hadn’t given it any thought. I know! Awful! I’ve let you down, I’ve let myself down.

Today, none of the ideas I have are materializing into Queen Content. Which got me thinking about inspiration and planning. Does too much planning suck the life out of inspiration? Do you write better off the cuff, or are your best posts ones that have smoldered for a while? I see more and more bloggers posting daily, I often wonder how they organise themselves?

In terms of inspiration, if I ever run out of ideas, I step away. I think that taking a break is valid, even just deciding not to blog can be refreshing. Things that work for me include;
taking an hour in a cafe to watch the world go by. Magazines, reading different types of features and writing. Visiting somewhere new, almost always works. Going back to somewhere familiar that has changed with the seasons is enough to make me want to take a photo and share some words. I like delving into Bloglovin and finding blogs off my normal radar. Pinterest is full of pins with “50 ideas for posts”, but they work less for me, it is the pretty, inconsequential stuff that makes me want to gather my words together.

So what inspires posts in you? How do you organise your blogging? I hope lots of people will share and we can get some ideas from each other? What do you say?

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  1. 02 June 2015 / 22:30

    You always seem to have something to say Gemma, despite you feeling not. I love your general chit chat and observations and would like to see more of it in general – not just from you, but others too. I tend not to commit to blogging often and lots of stuff I think of just doesn’t get written, but every now and then I’ll feel really strongly about something, make it a priority and it just spills out into a post that will have real legs. Other times I’ll spend days tweaking something just to make it edgier and funnier. I’ve kind of made a decsion to allow myself two late nights per week (i.e midnight ish) in order to fit more visiting other blogs in as well as more commitment to my own. Am not sure how it’s going to go though! X

  2. Hey Gemma,
    I think the answer is to step away from the thought that we ‘should’ be blogging and give ourselves permission to not be online – a lukewarm idea can turn into a killer one if we allow it the space to bubble away on the back burner whilst we do other things. Whenever I have a bloggy break I find that I come back with tons of new ideas and energy to see them through – however I also like to schedule posts in advance when I’m on holiday so I feel like I’ve not just deserted my blog!
    At the moment I have so many ideas that I want to do and the problem is organising them into the funnel so they get done in a timely manner! I find that a diary of the year that I keep especially for blogging is handy and I have a pack of Post-It notes where I put 1 idea for a blog post on each note and stick it in the calendar on the date I’d like to do it. This way I can move around the story ideas to make them work if I’m waiting on something to be sent from a company for example. The post gets written in the diary in biro when it is scheduled. This also leaves me a handy record of what I did and when in case I need to find a post done in the last 3 months of a recipe for example!