Expat stories: Hello, Goodbye and Hello again

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Expat life is all about movement, from country to country, town to town. Sometimes for a few months, other times for years.  So, how do expats settle in? This month we have a few new bloggers joining the Expat Round-up. First is Hannah from The Mum and The Mom. She talks about expat acclimatization . I can totally relate the hair issues, as an expat. Has anyone ever warned you about the food in the country you are moving to? Read Hannah’s post. Then the dreadful day some and you have to move again. Personally, I don’t like to say goodbye. I’m horrible at it, even after a telephone conversation much to hubby’s annoyance. Wanderlust and Wet Wipes’ Emma found a good goodbye for expats. This month’s round-up we look at, moving, saying goodbye, long distance relationships and repatriation..


Expat stories



New to the Expat Round-up is Liberty from Liberty on the Lighter Side I thoroughly enjoyed reading her recount of moving house as a child. Liberty’s mum is a legend at packing up house and moving… with little kids. If you are a new expat or an expat with new born or toddler, you don’t want to miss this. You might be doing some decluttering and Marie Kondo is not for you, well, I’m sure‘ Liberty’s 13 tips for moving house with kids’, can inspire you.



Saying Goodbye


Like I said before I hate goodbyes. As Emma over on Wanderlust and Wet Wipes says it’s about self-preservation. I totally agree. However, I never thought that saying it, the goodbye, actually helps with the healing for what of a better word. If like Emma and I you hate goodbyes, expat or not, read ‘7 ways to say a good expat goodbye’.



Expatriate experience

Long Distance Relationships


Juliet is also new to the Round-up; she blogs over on The Xpat Flies. Just in time for Valentine’s, let’s talk about long distance relationships. Juliet and her husband live in different countries. While some may think, ‘oh what will keep things fresh and exciting’, she says,‘I am sick of the permanent jet-lag; the unwarranted suspicion…’ Read Juliet’s tips on ’how to survive a long distance marriage’.




We don’t often we talk about repatriating. Emma from A Bavarian Sojourn shares her experiences. Going ‘home’ should be like a duck taking to water but it’s not. Emma says, ‘Be prepared for disagreements with family and friends who don’t understand why you don’t feel 100% settled…’ in her blog post ‘Acceptable Alignment – Further Notes on Repatriation’.

Join me in welcoming back Emma back to England… Welcome back Emma! 


I hope you enjoyed this month’s round-up. Let me know if there are themes you would like to see covered.  Of course if you have a post you would like to be considered for next month’s round-up, please email me on [email protected]  or DM me on Twitter.





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