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Scorching weather has carried on from June well into August.  The days have been amazing, but the nights oppressively hot. I haven’t been that hot since 2010, when I spent 9 days in Trinidad while pregnant with my first baby. One of the things I noticed as a newbie expat was how the warmer temperature changed people’s behaviour; they smile more. Even the menus are different. Summer meals tend to be lighter, sometimes with a bit of a kick or tang inspired world cuisine . Not to mention, the feeling of freedom in the air.  This month’s round-up looks back at the summer and lessons learnt.


Seasons Change


I do love a blogger challenge. They can make us think about the little things we take for granted. Other times we have to dig deep to find the diamond in the ruff. For Catherina it was an opportunity to note the changes she’s noticed in her new home. Coming from Wales, she felt the landscape didn’t change much. While in contrast, she noticed that in Portugal she could see changes in nature from mini beasts to the birds. If you are nature lover, her post will make an enjoyable reads on to find out what the difference a year makes.

After reading Natasha’s post I realised we’ve never touched on fashion as part of our expat experience. Thanks Natasha. As a teen in the 90’s I had my fair share of coloured jeans. Luv them. Well, apparently coloured jeans are always in, when in France. Her dark jeans are out of place, but seriously there are four other things that may surprise you about France.


Summer Exodus


If you thought we’ve crazy heat in the UK, guess what? Mid-July in Qatar temperatures can rocket to 50C! But Emma has found a way to make it work. Although She and her family don’t leave Qatar foe the entire summer, they do take a holiday and visit ‘home’. Now, with 4 summers in Qatar under her belt read on to find out what she’s learnt so far. 

Adele and her beautiful tribe did leave for part of the summer, to visit Trinidad in July. It was an opportunity for her girls to learn more about the culture, but as it turns out she also revisits her childhood and came to a bitter sweet realisation… or two.  She ponders on parenting as an expat vs the mother she might have been has she stayed in Trinidad.




On the topic of parenting, the world over there is no guide book. Much of our parenting is a mix of learnt behaviour and instinct. Toni recently wrote a piece for the Telegraph on American parenting vs British. Find out what What American parenting looks like through the eyes of a British mum.


I hope you enjoyed this month’s round-up. Do let me know if there are themes you would like to see covered.  Of course if you have a post you would to be considered for next month’s round-up, please email me on [email protected] or DM me on Twitter.


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  1. 27 August 2018 / 16:23

    I’ve heard that it can get very hot in Qatar! I think I could never survive a temperature of 50C