Expat Round-up: Love where you live!

expats roundup of blog posts UKThe path that led to my expat life was not dependant on one moment. Instead it was a slow layering of influences that built up like a canyon wall around me, channelling me in the direction that eventually led me to a life in the UK. I don’t call it destiny because I believe in free will (I could have chosen at any time to climb the canyon walls and hike off in another direction towards a different future), but I was enjoying that journey so I continued onwards.

I love living in Britain, but it hasn’t always been easy being so far away from home. I didn’t realise it would be so difficult until it was too late and I was settled into a life in Britain. Realising my life was going to be in Britain indefinitely made me think about my expat life differently. No longer was it an adventure, it had become a trial.

But that was stupid. And I needed to think about it differently if I was going to do more than just get through the days and actually enjoy my life.

What has helped me through the difficult times has been learning to love something about where I live. It has helped me so much that I am launching a linky soon on The American Resident to offer blog prompts to help others think about these same things, focus on the good stuff and share it with the rest of us. I hope you’ll join me!

So with that idea in mind, here are some posts from your fellow expats on special discoveries or favourite things where they live.

Metropolitan Mum has discovered a baby spa on one of her routes. One of the fantastic things about living in a big city is all the wonderful, interesting things on offer! A baby spa, of all things, seems so crazy and yet so obvious. What a cool idea. Click on her link to see one of the cutest images of a baby you’ve ever seen (don’t forget to watch the video and be ready to say awwwww!).

Speaking of crazy ideas, now click over to Ariana who blogs on And here we are for one of the craziest things I’ve seen in a while–but strangely appealing as well–Wild Nettle Beer! Nettles grow in abundance in the UK and why not take advantage of this and check out all the different things you can do with them? I have nettle tea all the time and I’ve seen nettles used as healthy greens, cooked like spinach, but beer? Why not!

Otilia, blogging at Romanian Mum, also enjoys one of London’s unique features, but this one is a famous landmark of London, one of the defining features of this World City: Hyde Park. How lucky she is to be able to spend a day in that famous green space.

Now we have Kat, who blogs at Slugs on the Refrigerator and who’s beautiful photo post Scotland: A Love Letter is a must see. Oh, and congratulations to Kat for being featured in Handmade Living and Mollie Makes! Be sure to stop by her blog to give her a big high five!

Now jumping out of Britain we land in Spain and find the Asturian Diary and an expat blogger completely in love with where she lives. She captures it in photos and very entertaining writing! Have a look first at her post Idyllic and then read on.

Do you have a post that celebrates something about your host country? Leave it in the Linky below!

PS I hope you’ll join me and other expats (and friends of expats, no one is excluded, everyone welcomed!) at the annual expat dinner held the first night of the BritMumsLive conference in London. We’ll probably have it at the nearby Pizza Express this year.

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