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Expat Round-up: On nostalgia identity comfort & food

Expat Round-up: On nostalgia identity comfort & food

There are now 7 Sundays before Christmas, as the festive season draws nearer is natural for expats to think of ‘home’. My Trini food makes me feel closer; memories of my childhood come flooding back with every spoonful. I’ve tried to share my favourite dishes with my own children but they prefer European food and that makes me sad. It feels like there’s a part of me they may never understand or accept. Maybe I’m over thinking it, I don’t know. However, I do know that my traditional food grounds me. This month I’ve chosen a theme for the Expat Round-up and its food!

New Traditions

Natasha Alexander is a blogger original from Croydon; South London has now made Normandy, France for her and her family. Natasha shares is us a new meal time tradition she and her family are getting to know, it’s called Repas. Literally translated this means ‘meal’ and is a social event in your commune/village.

Old Traditions

Elizabeth Atia is a Canadian expat based in Shetland.  Elizabeth has been living in the UK for 19 years but she says she still enjoys Thanksgiving Dinner for friends. She’s creating something special this year and also running a competition to celebrate the occasion.

Maggy over at Red Ted Art shook things up on her blog this month. Many of us know Maggy for her arts and crafts, but recently she shared her family recipe for Vanille Kipferl (Austrian style) biscuits. The look so good I wish I was better at baking to give them a try. 

Dinning Out

Wandermust Family know how to do travel and top nosh is style. During the summer Leona and her family dined at Marram Grass. Marram Grass is a foodie destination. Their menu is local and seasonable and thus changeable, have a look at what Leona dined on.

Dining In

In my own blog I talk about homecooked food, made by my mother and share how cuisine of my childhood makes me feel safe. During the babymoon for my first child, I went back to Trinidad for my mum’s cooking. It was amazing!

Do let me know if there are themes you would like to see covered.  Of course if you have a post you would to be considered for next month’s round-up, please email me on [email protected] or DM me on Twitter.


About Maria Tumolo

Maria Tumolo is a Trinidad-born Surrey based stay at home mum, blogger and aspiring published children’s book writer. She moved to England in 2001. She lived in Cambridgeshire for a few months before moving London, where she’s lived ever since. Prior to marriage and children, she earned a BA in English from The University of The West Indies, Trinidad 1998. Her career history has spanned from Libraries to Further Education. Her blog The Tiger Tales explore topics such: expat parenting, education, mixed heritage family life, food and beauty. The way to her heart is a Trini Dalpuri Chicken Roti.