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Now spring is here may have started thinking about what to do for your summer holiday. If you haven’t decided yet read the post on Green and Rosie Life which includes 7 reasons to avoid all inclusive holidays.

Reducing consumption

Unnecessary consumption continues to be a concern among the community. There is a great post on My Make, Do and Mend Life introducing the idea of conscious consumption. Jen’s has also written a follow up post about borrowing items instead of buying them (I particularly like the concept of the Buyerarchy of needs). Kids of the Wild dislikes plastic and suggests 10 easy ways to reduce plastic consumption.

Reducing food waste

Another regular concern is food waste. Did you know that bread is one of Britain’s most waste foods? Eco thrifty living has help with 20 ways to stop wasting your loaf. Green and Rosie Life has 7 green reasons to cook from scratch – we often cook in bulk so we can freeze the extra in reusable containers which bring time savings as well as environmental benefits.

Repurposing items

Repurposing items is a great way to reduce consumption and Red Ted Art has two tutorials – how to make a Batman costume from a pair of old suit trousers and how to make a trinket display from toilet rolls, handy to keep your children’s tiny toys off the floor. And on Vicky Myers Creations there is a post describing how they’ve used apple crates as storage.

I hope you’ve found inspiration in these posts. If so please comment below or on the relevant post to encourage blogger to keep sharing their environmental ideas. Plus don’t forget to let me know what topics you want to know more about or to send me links to your posts for the next round-up via my blog or tweet me @katedavis

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