Education: Strong opinions & positive days

Another half-term already, they are sure coming round fast this year. Before we know it, it is going to be the summer holidays… Are you ready? We sure aren’t! This month we have a mixed bag of goodies from languages to education resources. Something I love about this round-up is the eclectic mix of home education, mainstream, preschool, and strong opinions.

First up, Kristie from Mammaprada – a guest post from her husband talking about the methods he has used to help his little one learn Italian – amazing! 

Katie at Living Life Our Way, shares a fabulous list of educational tools, from musical instruments to construction. A few bloggers contributed to the post, so all of the tips work for home education families or ones with little ones in school.

The Tale of Mommyhood, written by Zoe talks us through how we can prepare out little ones who are going to be heading off to nursery.

Getting monthly updates on home education and what families get up to is really lovely, Sarah, writer of Let Them Be Small takes us through maths, literacy, art & design and more in April. 

Karen, from The Mad House of Cats and Babies, share with us her opinion on the SATS as her daughter has just recently completed her. Really brilliant post and might be seen as somewhat controversial to some – ‘I think SATs are a total waste of time’. What do you think?

And finally, Arthurwears, written by Sarah, shares with us how to make a Sensory Fairy Mark Making Tray. Great for pre-schoolers and those in nursery, plus who doesn’t love fairies? 

Katie Davis-Holmes, from Kate on Thin Ice, let’s us take a look at what a positive home education day looks like for her, and it might involve computer games, it might involve getting outside but most of all, their journey involves staying positive on their journey.

Till next month! 

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About Zara Walker

Zara is a mother-juggler, mum of three and master of none. Working from home for the last 10 years as a freelance writer and social media manager, with a healthy helping of blogging on the side. Her eldest daughter is home educated and middle one is in primary school – making education a hot topic of discussion. Zara works with a Women’s Organisation in Birmingham and will often be found clutching a coffee and asking Siri to google cute cat photos.