Education Round-up: Settling in & asking questions

September was a lovely month, little ones going into school full-time, families starting their home education journeys. As for the bigger kids? Away to college or 6th form they went – wow, time flies. October is where it all falls in to place, routine are perfected, lunch boxes are whipped up in a jiffy, Hallowe’en parties to attend, and the much needed rest that the October half term brings. 

Here is what you have been writing about this month. 

Settling In

Sarah, from MumofThree World gives us a sneak peek into what it was like to watch her son head off to 6th form in a new school. It can be a bit unnerving to watch our children take on new challenges, but a little support can go such a long way. It sounds like he is off to a brilliant start, and we hope he continues to do well!

Conversation Starter

Laura Summers from Laura’s Lovely Blog poses the question ‘Why do Primary School Children Need So Much Homework?’. She shares with us her son’s weekly homework schedule, and has included the input from parents and teachers alike – making it a beautifully insightful post.

As a parent or teacher (or both) – what do you think? Is there ever a balance?

Tips for Teachers

Cherry Newby, from The Newby Tribe has some fabulous advice for newly qualified teachers on how to handle their first parents’ evening. A great read that made me consider just how stressful and busy the build-up must be for teachers. 

That’s it for this Round-up, looking forward to the next one. If you want to send across your education posts pop an email over to [email protected] Catch me on twitter @mojoblogs and on my blog

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